Xmas No.1 Hit Odds & Betting Update

The Christmas Number 1 single has become a national institution since the first Number 1 was announced, way back in 1952 (Al Martino’s Here in My Heart, if you are interested).  Downloads and digital streaming are now added into the mix, to determine who is top of the singles chart at Christmas.  


Over the years, established artists have led the way but X-Factor winners and novelty singles have all reached Number 1 over the years.  So, in 2017 Ed Sheeran hit gold with “Perfect” but last year it was Ladbaby Mark Hoyle with his charity single “We Built This City” based on Starship’s 1985 hit but with amended lyrics, such as the poetic “We Built This City On Sausage Roll”.  


Who will supersede the 2018 Ladbaby hit?  At the moment, it’s looking like a more mainstream artist.  Tones & I’s track “Dance Monkey” is currently at Number 1, having spent a stonking 17 weeks in the chart, but it is unlikely to make the distance and online bookmaker SkyBet offer odds of 9/1 that “Dance Monkey” will be the Christmas Number 1. In contrast, Lewis Capaldi’s “Before You Go” has only been two weeks in the charts but it is now up at Number 2 and is the lead contender for Christmas, according to the same bookie, SkyBet, who offer odds of 9/2.  But “Own It” by Stormzy, Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy has leapt into the charts at Number 3 and could squeeze past Lewis Capaldi.  William Hill offer odds of 6/1 that the trio will triumph.


Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams is also in the mix.  The former Take That star, who rather improbably had a Christmas Number 1, “Somethin’ Stupid”  way back in 2001 with Australian actress Nicole Kidman, has just released his first Christmas album, “The Christmas Present” which debuted at Number 2 in the album charts. Betfair Sportsbook offers odds of 8/1 that Robbie will be Number 1 this Christmas although, as yet, it is unclear which track might be released as a single.  It may be a solo track or perhaps his song with boxer Tyson Fury (on offer at odds of 12/1 from SkyBet).  


The bookmakers have an almost endless list of possibilities for Christmas Number 1 this year.  For example, TOWIE star, Megan McKenna, who has just won The X-Factor: Celebrity.  The 27-year old now has a recording contract to deliver.  Bet365 offers odds of 6/1 that her release for Christmas will steal the Number 1 crown from more established rivals mentioned above.  Wham!, Shawn Dooley, Dan Smith of Bastille with his John Lewis advert song, and Lyra Cole are also possibilities.  So to is Peppa Pig with her release “Bing Bong Christmas”.  Voiced by Harley Bird, the TV star of the eponymous show is raising money for the Save the Children.  Harley reckons that Robbie Williams is the man to beat but says “It’s going to be a bit awkward when I steal Christmas Number One from him”.  Fighting talk from the piggie corner, especially when the bookmakers haven’t yet considered offering odds on this eventuality!


As Christmas fast approaches, you now have an early insight into the UK Christmas Number 1 betting market.  It’s not attracting as much debate as the UK election, but you may find a bet on the result more fun.

By Matchedbets Experts


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