Matched Betting FAQ

Can everyone make money from matched betting?

Yes, matched betting is a great way to make money and is suitable for anyone over the age of 18. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed a bet before, we explain everything you need to know with clear instructions, guides and support. All that’s required of you is to commit some time every week to complete the bookmaker offers and you will make a regular monthly income.

How do I know I will make money?

Take up our 14-day trial for just £1 and you will see that this method does make money from free bets. Matched betting has been around for years and gained popularity after being featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and on other trustworthy media sites. Guardian reporter Jason Shearer tried it himself and made £770 in a month, you can’t get a better endorsement than that.

What do I need to get started?

Register for our 14-day trial for just £1 and you’ll get access to over £1,000 of bookmaker offers. You’ll need a debit card and around £100 starting capital. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll make around £50 profit from just the first 3 offers which more than covers the first two months paid subscription. You can then complete the other 60+ new customer offers and move onto the reload offers from which some matched bettors make upwards of £500 a month.

What does a paid subscription provide?

You’ll get access to our comprehensive list of new customer offers, each with their own step-by-step guides, plus daily reload offers and promotions that will keep the profits rolling in month after month.

You will use industry leading matched betting tools that save valuable time and make the whole process easy. You’ll have your own Dashboard to manage progress through offers and keep a record of your profits plus tutorials and support for all your questions.

What are the benefits of a paid subscription?

The key to making matched betting a worthwhile endeavour is to minimise the time spent looking for offers and completing them. Taking 5 minutes to make £3 is worth it but if it takes a hour to find the offer, figure out a profitable strategy and find a suitable match, the chances are you’ll realise you’ll be better off finding a minimum wage job.

A subscription to Matched Bets gives you access to 100s of offers with explanations of how to turn each one into profit. Our unique tools help your manage your bets and cut back on the admin work you need to keep track of your bets and your money. With help and support at hand, you’ll find paying a few pounds each month soon pays for itself compared to trawling the internet trying to do it yourself.

How do I pay for a subscription?

Simply choose your subscription plan. You can choose to pay monthly or take an annual subscription which works out cheapest in the long run.

Click/tap the Buy Now button to go to the checkout where you have the option to pay via debit/credit card or your PayPal account.

Can I take advantage of matched betting if I already have bookmaker accounts?

Yes, we have over 60 UK licensed bookmakers with sign up offers that will make you money. It’s more than likely your existing bookmaker accounts will offer reload bonuses and money back offers and we’ll show you how to turn them into profit.

The Dashboard will recommend new customer offers based on ease of claim and amount of funds required to complete the offer. If you have an account with one of the recommended bookmakers, click done and a new suggestion will appear immediately.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time directly from your PayPal account. Please remember that subscriptions are renewed automatically, so make sure to cancel before the billing date.

Can I change from monthly to annual subscription?

Yes. Simply cancel your current subscription from your PayPal account and sign up for an annual subscription.

Why was my membership cancelled?

Subscriptions are cancelled automatically if not paid on the due billing date. You can renew your subscription at any time by logging in to your account and buying a new one.

How do I contact support?

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQs or tutorials, you can submit your question via the contact form. The support staff will endeavour to deal with your query immediately during office hours and as soon as possible on the next working day for questions submitted out of office hours