Acca Backer

Acca Backer is simply one of the best matched betting tools available, allowing you to make regular profits from football accumulator refunds week after week.  Acca Insurance is the most widely available free bet offer with around 20 different bookmakers running the promotion during the football season.

It has always been possible to make profits from Acca Insurance and similar accumulator refunds but many in matched betting have been put off by the need to fill in a complex spreadsheet for every football accumulator, not to mention trying to keep track of the refunds and  profits.

Acca Backer will compile a list of suitable accas in an instant. View the tool below or scroll further down for instructions on how to use it.


Look at these amazing features:

  • 13 bookmakers
  • 4 profit-making methods, Sequential Lay, Lock In, No Lay and Lay at Start
  • Inbuilt user guides
  • Configurable filter options
  • Swap feature allows users to choose their own selections
  • Seamless integration with Calculator, Bet History and user Dashboard
  • Save feature
  • Editable staking for advanced users
  • Mobile optimised

Four ways to make money from Acca Insurance

Odds Matcher has always done a good job of finding the best matches to use in accumulators but Acca Backer takes it to another level by taking into account the terms of each bookmaker’s Acca Insurance offer and generating the best Expected Value for all four profit making methods.

Using the Lock In method, you’ll make the same profit no matter what the outcome of the accumulator

Our unique Lay Sequential accumulators deviate from the standard Multi Lay spreadsheets which produce qualifying losses for the chance of catching a refund. There’s no longer a need to lose anything and you will make more profit the longer your accumulator is alive. Using the Lock In method, you’ll make the same profit no matter what the outcome of the accumulator and Acca Backer will produce selections at least two hours apart to leave plenty of time to lay the next selection.

For those in a hurry, No Lay and Lay at Start allow you to place your accas and forget about them until the results are known. In built guides explain all you need to use any of the these methods and ease of use, flexibility and choice means profits from Acca Insurance refunds are available to all matched bettors regardless of their level of experience.

Acca Backer saves time and makes more money

Acca Backer allows users to swap selections from a list of recommended options, displaying the new Expected Value BEFORE you make your choice. Accept the best option or if you don’t want be one of hundreds of people backing the same accumulator make your own, it takes seconds.

It’s a brilliant time saving tool that lets you get on with making more money from others offers

How to Use Acca Backers

ACCA Insurance

Opening the Acca Backer tool will display a list of accumulators which contain the best value selections based on the current back odds at the bookmaker and lay odds on the betting exchange.

Several bookmakers offer ACCA Insurance but the terms of each offer may vary. For example, some require minimum odds for each selection and some limit your selections to specific sports or markets. Acca Backers is pre-programmed with the terms of the offer for each bookmaker and will only display selections which meet the criteria. For example, if an ACCA Insurance offer requires minimum odds of 1.2 per selection, Acca Backer will only include selections with odds of 1.2 or greater. This can save you a lot of time searching for multiple close matches which meet the criteria for your accumulator.

Once you have found a suitable accumulator using the tool, click on it and it will open up the ACCA calculator. If there are any legs you wish to swap, simply click on ‘swap’ which will open up a list of suitable alternatives.

The tool will be pre-populated with the back odds and lay odds of each selection with the Expected Value of the ACCA displayed in the top right.

The ideal lay stakes will be displayed for each leg of your ACCA. These stakes will vary depending on which laying strategy you wish to use. The options are:

  • No Lay
  • Lay At Start
  • Lay Sequentially
  • Lay Sequentially with Lock-In

After each leg of your ACCA has finished, you can mark them as ‘won’ or ‘lost’ which will update the lay stakes for the remaining legs where necessary.

Custom ACCAs

You may wish to place an accumulator for a reason other than ACCA Insurance such as for a qualifying bet or when using a free bet. You can do this by clicking on ‘Create New Custom ACCA’.

Click the ‘Add Leg’ button to add the number of legs in your ACCA. You can then enter the details of your bet such as the back odds, lay odds, event name, selection and which exchange you are using.

You will also need to populate the fields in the top section which are:

  • The strategy you wish to use
  • The insurance free bet amount (enter 0 if you’re not doing an ACCA insurance offer).
  • Your stake for your ACCA
  • Stake is freebet? – Check the box if you are using a free bet for your stake
  • Select a bookmaker from the drop-down list

The details such as the Expected Value and the lay stakes will then update.

Once you have entered the details, click on the ‘Save ACCA’ button and you can then mark each leg as ‘won’ or ‘lost’ as each leg concludes.