Early Payout Calculator

The Early Payout Calculator is provided by MatchedBets.com for FREE and can be used to determine the ideal additional back stake to place on the exchange when a bookmaker has settled your bet as a winner early. The most popular offers to use this tool for are Paddy Power’s 2UP and Bet365’s Early Payout Offer.

Scroll down for instructions on how to use the Early Payout Calculator.


How To Use The Early Payout Calculator

Using the Free Early Payout Calculator is simple and you only need the details of your bet at the time of placing it and at the time you want to lock in a profit.

  1. Enter the back odds for your bet (when you placed it)
  2. Enter the back stake
  3. Enter the lay odds for your bet (when you placed it)
  4. Enter the betting exchange commission rate
  5. Select whether or not the Early Payout has been triggered (eg your selection has gone 2 goals ahead). The potential profits based on whether your back or lay bet wins will update automatically.
  6. Select whether you would like to lock in a profit regardless of the result
  7. If you select ‘YES’, enter the BACK ODDS on the BETTING EXCHANGE at the CURRENT TIME. The potential profits in the lower sections will update automatically showing you how much you will win if your bookmaker or exchange bet wins. The calculator will also show you the ideal back stake to place on your selection at the exchange to achieve these returns.
  8. If you wish, you can select the percentage (%) you would like to lock in