Each Way Matcher

The Each Way Matcher tool compares the odds for each way bets at multiple bookmakers to the lay odds on various betting exchanges.

Each way bets work differently to Win bets as they consist of two bets bundled into one. When you place an each way bet, you are placing half of your total stake on your selection to win and the other half on your selection to finish in a place position. Therefore, when laying each way bets, you must lay both the win and place part of your bet.

The Each Way Matcher compares both the win and place odds for horses running in races taking place on any given day and finds potentially profitable opportunities in those odds.

You can use the Each Way Matcher tool for:

  • Finding each way arbs
  • Extracting more value from your free bets
  • Incurring smaller losses from your qualifying bets
  • Finding the best value horses in races with extra places
  • Profiting from bookmaker accounts which have been gubbed

The Each Way Matcher will display the best value matches in order and assigns each of them a rating. Any match with a rating of 100% is a profitable arb from which it’s possible to lock in a profit from simply by backing and laying the selection.


Users also have the option to filter the results in the matcher by either bookmaker, betting exchange or to include/exclude win arbs.

Win arbs are when the back odds for the win at the bookmaker are greater than the lay odds for the win at the exchange. Excluding win arbs does not mean that the remaining matches are not profitable as there may be value in the place part of the bets. However, by excluding win arbs, the bookmakers are less likely to take notice and you stand a better chance of your account not being gubbed or stake restricted.

Once you have found a match, clicking on the arrow to the right of it will open up the Each Way Calculator which will be pre-populated with the details of your bet. The Each Way Calculator differs from a standard matched betting calculator as it takes into account the odds for both the win and place part of your each way bet.