Wimbledon Tips for Matched Betting

Wimbledon Matched Betting

The Wimbledon Grand Slam tennis tournament takes place at the All Lawns Tennis Club in London from July 3rd – 16th and offers as good an opportunity as any to make some profit from matched betting. For those who haven’t heard of matched betting yet, allow me to give you a brief introduction. Matched betting is not gambling. You need a little bit of your own money to make it work (and I mean a little bit), but mostly it’s about exploiting free offers and welcome bonuses that online sites offer.

Usually, a bookie will offer you a signup bonus in the form of a free bet, deposit bonus added to your balance, enhanced odds on a bet and more. We are going to take those free bets, and offset them with lay bets, which means we can never lose.

Most free bets and cash bonuses need unlocking. This means that you will need to play with a certain amount of real money to receive your reward. For example, BetStars currently offers a £20 welcome bonus for the first £10 of bets made. There are only a couple of other rules to keep in mind. First, free bets must be used on single wagers with at least 1/2 odds, and second, unused free bets will expire after seven days. The first free £10 is released after 72 hours of your paid bet, and the second is released seven days afterward.

On this occasion, we are going to use the Wimbledon event betting to make a profit. First, we need to spend the £10 required to unlock the £20. For this bet, choose a match in which there are one winner and one loser and back someone to win on BetStars, say Rafael Nadal. The perfect dates to do this is on are July 8th-9th. This way you can unlock both of your free bets in time to use them for the men’s and women’s finals on the 16th.

Then, find a betting exchange and make a lay bet for the same person or team to lose. It is important that the bookies and the betting exchange are offering very similar odds. With both bets made, you have now covered yourself. You have bets on both a win and a loss, and either way, you will get your money back, perhaps minus a few pence.

Now you can wait for your free bets to be unlocked. Once they are, you can use them both for any Wimbledon game using the same principle, but this time the bets are free! Place your free bet on one of the finalists to win, and then skip over to the betting exchange and lay a bet against yourself. You can use a match betting calculator to find out the amount you need to lay down to make the same amount of profit regardless of the outcome.

One of your bets will inevitably pay off (because you have backed both sides), and you will have guaranteed profit! Do the same with your second free bet on a different match, say the women’s finals. You should end up a neat and free £15+ at the end of it.

If you want to get fancy, you can try out match betting with more complex bets. For example, Andy Murray is currently 5/2 outright to win Wimbledon, so you could make a bet on him to win the finals and then bet against that outcome on the betting exchange. There are lots of possibilities, but you can stick with the simple win/lose match bets if you want an easy life.

Matched betting won’t make you rich quick but remember it is a profitable and above-board way for pretty much anybody to make money online. You can use this article to make £15 using BetStars and a betting exchange to match bet Wimbledon. Try it out with other sites and sports, too!



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