Why you should use a match betting calculator to maximise your bets


So then, you’re clued up on match betting, the perks and profits it entails, and you seem to think you are missing something. Are odds of 2.00 and 3.00 really maximising your potential earnings? Was that last lay bet you put on correct? All of these questions can be answered with just three words – match betting calculator.

A match betting calculator allows all the hassle of match betting to be put on hold. You will no longer have to reach for the nearest calculator, be it on your phone or lying around the office, or even the one on your computer, to try and work out odds and potential winnings.

Using a match betting calculator not only swiftly details the odds and returns of a bet, but also how much to lay on betting exchange accounts. Even the most basic match betting calculator will have you profiting the most you’ve ever earned from the world of betting in no time at all.

Most match betting calculators will feature five separate segments: Bet Type, Bet Amount, Odds Back, Odds Lay and Lay commission.

However, don’t be taken aback by the bet types, or even the lay commission. It is as simple to follow as that curry recipe you’ve always claimed to be your own.

Firstly, the bet types. There are three separate bet types usually on a match betting calculator – Normal, Free bet not returned, Free bet returned. Normal constitutes a typical back and lay bet, whilst the latter two revolve around free bets. Most free bets do not return the stake, so you are more likely to use the one called ‘free bet not returned’. Around 80 per cent of bookies use this with their free bet incentives, but do check prior to placing any amount of money!

Bet Amount, simply means the amount placed, whilst Odds (Back) relates to the odds of a back bet, and Odds (Lay) concur to lay betting odds. The lay commission is what comes out of every betting exchange site, which is usually 3.00%. Instead of trying to jot down all your maths on some scrap paper, you can fill out a match betting calculator and maximise your bets instantly.

Take a basketball match between Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers. The Timberwolves are 3.00 to win at the bookies, and 3.02 at Betfair. You enter these odds, with the commission as a normal bet at £10.

The match betting calculator totals this at £10.03 to lay bet, resulting in a £0.27 at the very best. Now, finding a similar match-up, in this instance Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors, the odds are 6.00 for Dallas to win at both the bookies and Betfair. You now select ‘Free bet not returned’ at £10, with both odds at 6.00 and lay commission at 5.00%:

Like a machine, literally, the calculator produces the amount to lay bet – £8.40 – and then profit it will make of £7.98. Profit made without breaking a sweat thanks to a match betting calculator. As the late, great Tommy Cooper would say, ‘just like that’.



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