Why You Need to Have an Option of Mobile Betting

Why You Need to Have an Option of Mobile Betting

The statistics are clear – the number of people using their smartphones as a preferred way of browsing the internet increases every day. Apart from reading news and articles, portable devices are also used as a betting platform. Mobile betting is the latest trend in the industry and brings many benefits. If you are still unsure whether it is the right thing for you, let’s take a look at what are the advantages of betting over your phone or tablet.

Do You Need a Mobile App?

Before we head into the reasons why you would use your phone to place bets, please note that two options are at your disposal:

  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Specialized apps

It is a rule that the major betting providers will have a website optimized for mobile devices. They are aware that plenty of people prefer smartphones for both browsing the web and placing bets, and they need to keep up with trends.

Those providers who decided to take it to the next level created a mobile app. For example, if you analyse differences between the mobile app and mobile version, you will discover that the app has an intuitive interface, which makes the navigation around the website easier. It enables you to quickly reach your desired fixture and place a bet in seconds.

Bet Around the Clock Wherever You Are

What is the point of online betting if you cannot participate in it 24/7? If you need to secure both a PC and a valid internet connection, you risk losing precious time and your deadline to place the wager may expire. On the other hand, having a smartphone or iPhone allows you to use the 3G or 4G network to connect to the website and place the desired bet.

That means you can take advantage of the online betting option wherever you are. Have you travelled to another city for business? Are you on a bus heading to work? Whatever your location is, you can take out your phone and place wagers in a matter of seconds.

Mobile App Bonuses

Betting providers are fighting for every client, and they are aware that tempting you to use their mobile apps may play a crucial role in your decision to choose a particular operator. That is why it is not unusual for bookmakers to provide special bonuses if you download their apps and register for an account. Let’s make it clear – downloading the app is free, and you can expect a free bet bonus or a deposit match boost for the first couple of times when you add funds to your account.

Follow Results on the Go

It is important to place your bets on time but it is also important to be aware of the current results at all times. Mobile betting enables that, too, as you can follow the latest scores through the app and stay in touch with the result. Some operators will even offer you the chance to watch live streams of certain matches, as well as place in-play bets.

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