Why prefer online payment methods while betting online?

Why prefer online payment methods while betting online

Online betting has gained and is gaining more popularity as a pastime activity. Fast internet connection and the variety of bookmakers online are making placing wagers easier than ever. Money transaction options have been in use for years now and the methods of doing it are only growing wider. While it might have been seen as unsafe at first, making payments online has proven its safety. Online payment gateway options are broad and make user experience smooth and effortless. Online betting could seem risky for some, but the countless advantages and proven legitimacy help overcome any hesitations. Following are reasons to prefer online payment methods while betting online.

Feel safe with guaranteed information protection

Wired payment gateways are an online version of your physical wallet, gathering all your funds in one place. Gambling sites carry security protocols which keep your information safe and your bank account protected. The following will explain the regulation system. Firewalls observe bookmakers traffic and are built to protect the servers from unwanted or potentially harmful intrusion. This builds a barrier between the site’s internal world, that holds your personal information, and public space. Another form of protection is Secure Socket Layer. Sites that operate on SSL have a shield of encryption for confidential information. The identified information is stored into pieces that can be unlocked by secure keys. Look for sequrity certificates and logos that are displayed on the website, but be aware, as these can be faked. Any information you exchange using your preferred payment option is kept private. When you feel suspicious of any activity, you can disconnect your eWallet and change the password. No need to waste your energy on closing your card and getting a new one. 

Popular online betting payment methods

There are a variety of online payment services that offer secure and easy transaction ways. We have brought out the most common methods and their advantages.


Worldpay is one of the most used payment transaction companies in the UK. Offering payments in over 116 currencies, accepting all major credit and debit cards and providing easy payment by link. Fraud screening keeps your information secure. The downsides of Worldpay is the rather expensive monthly fee and some mixed reviews.


Paypal is probably the most well-known methods by name. All the biggest bookmakers are happy to accept it. An added layer of security makes transactions more safe. It is free to use and doesn’t display betting account on bank statement. Most bookmakers have a minimum deposit of 5£, when using Paypal. 


Neteller has quickly emerged as one of the most popular payment systems. The advantages include not showing gambling activity on your bank account, multi-currency solution and being accepted by a wide range of bookmakers. A disadvantage of Neteller is the fees that are charged on transactions. Nevertheless it is a quick and easy way to fund your gambling while having guaranteed account protection.

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