Why Matched Betting Is Perfect For The Stay At Home Parent

Matched betting for stay at home parents

Parenting can be difficult with limited finances but matched betting gives you the flexibility to earn money at the same time as raising children. All you need is internet access and a small betting bank to get started. Could you do with an extra £500 of tax-free earnings in your bank account each month? Read on to find out how matched betting can work for you, from as little as 30 minutes work per day.

Matched betting is a legitimate and entirely legal practice and is not gambling. In fact, when done correctly it is risk-free. The basic principle is to exploit free bet offers touted by online bookmakers. You will be betting for and against the same outcome in sporting events in order to qualify for free bets. You will incur a small loss when qualifying for the free bet but this is then offset by the cash profit made with the free bet.

Matched Betting Example

Let’s say Barcelona are playing and they are favourites, so you back them with £30 at odds of 1.70 to qualify for a free bet. To limit potential losses, you then lay (bet something won’t win) the same selection at a betting exchange such as Smarkets. The lay odds are 1.8 so your stake will be £29.14. Now whatever the outcome of the match, the most you will lose is £2.32 but you will definitely get the £30 free bet. You will then be able to repeat the process with the free bet to make around £24 in cash for an overall profit in the region of £21.68.

Matchedbets.com aims to make matched betting easy for you. We provide step by step guides to walk you through the process of qualifying for free bets and turning them into withdrawable cash. Our Oddsmatcher updates real-time odds to show you where you can find the currently available best bets for making a profit. You will not need to do any complicated sums as our matched betting calculator does all of the working out for you.

The Matched Betting Parent

Many households rely on two wages coming in, so it can become difficult to manage when a baby comes along. The financial constraints of raising a child are felt even more so by single parents and those in low-paid jobs. Childcare comes at a premium unless you’re fortunate enough to have willing relatives. Often left with no other option, many people are forced to become stay at home parents.

If you find yourself in this situation but can spare 30 minutes to an hour each day, then matched betting is an ideal way to make extra cash. When your child is napping or in the play-pen, you can be making money online. With experience, you can become proficient at matched betting and either reduce the amount of time it takes or increase your profits from the same timeframe.

The appeal of matched betting to stay at home parents is obvious. It will have a minimal impact on your day to day routine but the financial benefits are clear. It gives you the flexibility to be a good parent at the same time as making as much as £500 per month.



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