Why Matched Betting Is Better News For Pensioners

retirement savings

The Bank of England’s attempt to boost the UK economy has resulted in a fall in annuity payouts but matched betting could be better news for pensioners left disappointed by a drop in retirement income.

The 0.25% cut in the base rate is intended to help stimulate business and consumer confidence in a bid to stave off recession following the Brexit vote. It’s good news for borrowers as banks and building societies are expected to lower interest rates which should make mortgages more affordable.

However, savers will be hit harder than ever with measly returns on their savings. Pensioners buying an annuity to provide a guaranteed lifetime income from their retirement pot face locking in to “super-low returns for life” according to this article in the Financial Times.

At the beginning of July, insurance giant Legal & General would have offered a 65-year-old saver £4,800 for each £100,000 but a few weeks later it’s offering £4,462, a drop of 8% as a result of the cut in bank rate.

Pensioners are helpless to do anything about it and the last thing they’ll want is to continue working to maintain the retirement standards they’ve dreamed of. However, matched betting may well provide an answer in that it can be an interesting hobby to pass an hour a day while at the same time boosting the household income with tax-free earnings of around £50 per month.

Matched betting offers the flexibility to more or less work when you want and you can set your income targets around things you feel are more important. It is home based so it shouldn’t interfere with looking after the grand kids and using a service like matchedbets.com, means you’ll have support and assistance whenever needed.

Matched betting is a legitimate and entirely legal practice and is not gambling. In fact, when done correctly it is risk-free. The basic principle is to exploit free bet offers given by online betting sites. You will be betting for and against the same outcome in sporting events in order to qualify for free bets. It will incur a small loss when qualifying for the free bet but this is then offset by the cash profit made with the free bet.

You’ll make around 80% of the free bet value in cash profit and the cost of qualifying will range from a few pence to a pound or two depending on the amount of the qualifying bet.

Matchedbets.com makes matched betting easy for you, providing step by step guides to walk you through the process of qualifying for free bets and turning them into withdrawable cash. The unique Odds Matcher tool updates real-time odds to show you where you can find the currently available best bets for making a profit and you won’t need to do any complicated sums as the integrated matched betting calculator does all of the working out for you.

Looking to earn extra income in your retirement years may not be what you worked your life towards but matched betting is a feasible option for anyone finding themselves in this situation.



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