Why has Online Bingo become so popular?

Why has Online Bingo become so popular?

The UK has the largest online bingo market and has seen explosive growth over the past 10 years. Bingo has historically been a popular game in land-based bingo halls throughout the UK but the number of halls and attendees have sharply declined with the rise of online bingo to blame. Players can now buy cards in multiple rooms at any time of the day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their home either on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Bingo has always been classed as a sociable game with players attending bingo halls usually in medium to large groups. Online bingo has somewhat adapted to retain this aspect by providing players with live chat capabilities which makes the experience of playing online bingo slightly more interactive.

Why play bingo online?

Online bingo, just like online casino games, online poker and online betting, has many advantages compared playing at a land-based venue.

  1. Games are available to play 24/7 meaning that players can pick up their phone when they have a few spare minutes and there will be a bingo game starting within minutes.
  2. Bingo games can be accessed on any device which means you can play bingo when at home, at work, whilst travelling or wherever you have an internet connection.
  3. As bingo sites offer a live chat feature, many players get to know each other over time and can form a personal community which many enjoy.
  4. Online bingo sites offer players incentives such as bonuses and free play which may not be available via land-based bingo halls.
  5. There is a huge range of choice when playing bingo online. You may only have one bingo hall near you if you’re lucky but you have hundreds of bingo sites at your fingertips when online. Sites such as queenbingo.co.uk list information about the top bingo sites which will give you an idea of the best ones to play at.

Online bingo has evolved and grown at an explosive rate along with online sports betting and online casino gaming. There are many advantages of playing bingo online and although land-based bingo-halls will be around for some time yet, online bingo has become the popular choice for the majority of UK players.

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