What to Check Before Registering on a New Betting Site

What to Check Before Registering on a New Betting Site

New betting sites are springing up like mushrooms these days, and while they offer exciting services, bonuses, and promotions, it would be prudent to do thorough research so that you can ensure you are entering a safe environment. 

For example, registering on a betting site requires an input of your personal information, such as your ID number and bank account number, which means you can’t afford to be careless about safety, security, and other aspects of new betting sites. 

This article will tell you what to pay attention to before registering on a new betting site

Licenses and Security 

Security is vital for every player. With all the info required when signing up a new account on a betting site, especially when it comes to its verification, you can’t be too careful. One of the first signs that a betting site is safe and secure is the gaming license(s) it possesses. 

Gaming regulations vary from one country to another. Still, there are gambling authorities such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority that are considered to be the leading ones in the business. Betting sites that are regulated by these and similar authorities can be regarded as safe and secure.

Also, if a betting site bears a stamp of approval from independent auditing agencies that run thousands of checks to ensure the odds are fair and the data secure, such as eCOGRA and IBAS, you can be at ease, knowing you are betting in a safe and appropriate environment. 

Furthermore, safe betting sites employ the latest firewalls and SSL encryption to protect your financial transactions and prevent any third party interference. If a betting site is SSL-encrypted, it is safe. 

The Financial Potency of New Betting Sites: Do They Pay Out? 

Another important aspect of new betting sites you must verify is their financial stability. No one wants to be trapped on a betting site that doesn’t have the means to pay up the winning bets. 

Your best bet here, pun intended, is to check if the betting site in question is owned by any of the well-known companies in the iGaming industry as these are generally financially stable and maintain proper cash flow. Moreover, if a publicly-traded company runs a betting site, you can feel extra safe since they will surely have the finances to cover every bet wagered at any time. 

Also, you should browse reputable review sites and go through testimonials by punters who have already experienced betting there and see if any complaints have been made regarding the payouts.

In addition, check how the customer support team of the betting site you’re considering handled problematic situations. If there have been delays with payments or the betting site refused to pay a valid win, stay away from it. 

Were Any Red Flags Raised?

The best way to test the reliability of a new betting site is to browse the Internet for any complaints and reports of abuse from punters. In case any red flags have been raised regarding the treatment of players, wrongful seizures of accounts and funds, know that something smells fishy. 

However, make sure not to jump to conclusions and do the necessary research as players might just be trying to get back at a betting site after losing money, even though it had nothing to do with their poor betting decisions.


Exploring new betting sites is exciting and appealing but it should be handled with care. If certain welcome bonuses are too enticing and apparently too good to be true, that’s because they probably are. 

Read the small print, review the terms and conditions, search for testimonials by players who have already placed their bets on those betting sites, and then decide if the betting site you’re considering is right for you. 

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