What is The William Hill Plus Card?

william hill plus card

Many gamblers that are familiar with the William Hill gambling platform, are now asking the question of ‘What is a William Hill Plus Card?’. If you too are wondering, after having seen it mentioned a couple of times within the gambling community, you have come to the right place to ensure you get the complete low-down. 

Answering the question of what it is, this card is a part of the William Hill Plus foundation. The card allows users who have an online account, to withdraw their funds from any actual William Hill branch. While the concept is still largely quite new, it has managed to reap benefits and convenience to all those that use it, as you can instantly withdraw your funds, without having to wait the waiting time needed to approve a transfer online. 

This card can also allow users to transfer their winnings from successful bets made, to their online betting accounts, meaning it is an all-round plus for those seeking to speed the withdrawal process up a bit and also, deposit money or place bets within actual William Hill branches in real-time. The convenience of these are super handy, and once you read the full article about the William Hill Card, you will be wishing that you had one a lot sooner!

The William Hill Plus Mobile Application 

The William Hill Plus Mobile Application is designed to harmonise and work together with the William Hill Plus Card. Just like the services that the card provides, you will find there is a bridge and connection to the William Hill Branches, by having the option of utilising your betting experience from the application. 

If you are placing a bet using the William Hill betting shop, all you will need to do to place a bet, is tap the card within the betting terminals, to instantly have credit to spend. You will of course need to have credit online within your account to do so, so if you already have some cash deposited within your card, you can pretty much tap away and get betting as you go along.

Punters will find this option as super beneficial to their gambling, due to the fact that you will not need to cash in within the branches, and you are free to get straight into betting, without any of the fuss that comes with carrying cash in hand etc. Of course, there is also a cash in option that is available from your betting app too, should you wish to place bets from that, you are free to do so. It is all about the user experience and simplicity at the end of the day, which is what many punters enjoy and thus have kept coming back for simultaneously.

The app will allow you to monitor your open bets within the homepage too, so you do not need to consistently remain in front of a screen to know what the score count is or the results of your bet. Just hop on out of the branch and let the app and its notifications do the talking,

How do you get the William Plus?

To get the William Plus, you will need to follow a procedure of steps, that will allow you to procure an active account and card.

  1. First and foremost, you will need to make sure that you have signed up to an account online if you are already not in possession of one. The princess is super easy and straightforward, and should not take more than a couple of minutes from you.
  2. Head on down to a William Hill branch and betting shop, to request for the William Hill Plus cash card. It will be free of charge to be able to get one for yourself.
  3. Use the card against the contactless reader and betting terminal within William Hill to start a bet running.
  4. You will need to follow the instructions that are displayed at the betting terminal, so make sure you follow through, to successfully have access to the betting events that occur in real time within the William Hill branches.
  5. Once you have completed the instructions, you will find that your cash card is active and will enable you to carry out live and real-time bets from your app or within a branch live.

What are the Benefits of the William Hill Plus Option?

The benefits of using the William Hill Plus One is first and foremost, the convenience of course! Punters will find that they are able to withdraw and cash into their account instantly, from any of the William Hill Branches nationally. Having such easy in and out access to a betting account will stop punters having to wait the usual 3-7 working days waiting time to receive their winnings. Many accounts also have authorisation periods to ensure that punters have used their promotion schemes in accordance to the terms and conditions, so the Plus method bypasses the administration formalities essentially.

There is also access to some exclusive bonuses and promotions that are not available through anywhere else, meaning punters will need to ensure they get a card to have such exclusivity. When the card and app have been synced together, it will activate a large playing field of betting that has not been witnessed before in the market. Everything from live scoring, to in-game statistics, will be constantly updated and provided to you, to stop you from doing all the legwork that goes with the betting procedures.

The cards can be handed out immediately to you, should you request one at your local branch from your online account. You will therefore manage to surpass all the security assurance that is associated with creating a card, as you have requested one from within your account. Just make sure you bring along some valid ID and you are pretty much good to go!

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