What is Advantage Play?

beating the odds

As you may know, many of the offers listed on MatchedBets.com can be used to guarantee a profit. These are through the standard matched betting strategy of using free bet promotions on offer from UK Bookies in order to cover both outcomes and ensure a win either way. What you may not know is these are not the be all and end all of matched betting, there are also many other types of offer available that can be turned into cash.

We also list offers that are not risk free but offer such good value that you will almost certainly win over time. These offers are know as Advantage Play. In the members area of the site, you will find these labelled as Potential Profit. With these offers, we will probably not make money every single time, but if we can keep qualifying losses to an absolute minimum, they are often worth playing through in order to potentially hit the bonus, refund or free bet, whichever is relevant.

Advantage play is all about the odds, and the likelihood of an event happening. If you were to bet at bigger odds than the probability, you will most likely make a profit over time. When looking at advantage play offers, it is best not to look for precise patterns as there are unlikely to be any. It is often a case of trusting the odds in order to win more money than you will lose in qualifying.

By placing a back bet and a lay bet to cover both outcomes, and you have found a close match to keep qualifying losses low, you can have many attempts at picking up free bets.

Examples Of Advantage Play

There are quite a few examples of Advantage Play listed on the site at the moment. One such offer is the 4/1 horse racing offer from Bet365. This offer gives you a free bet up to the value of £50 when you back a winner at 4/1 (5.0) or more. If you were to place your back bet and lay bet at a qualifying loss of around £2.50 each time, it will cost you £2.50 through each play to win the £50 free bet, which is worth around £35 in cash.

Thus, if you hit the refund in any of your first 14 goes at the offer (35/2.50 = 14), you will make a profit. This can be continued each time and the laws of probability suggest that you will make a good profit.

Other types of advantage play offer include Money Back If 2nd, refund if a football match is a draw and if your team goes 2-0 up you will get paid out. All of these promotions have offer guides on MatchedBets.com and we talk you through the best ways of making money from advantage play.



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