What Is Acca Insurance & Why Is It Good For Matched Betting?

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Arguably the most popular bet up and down the country is the footy accumulator. There’s just something about the allure of big winnings from small beginnings. Whether you’re a pinsticker or a keen researcher of form, accumulator betting is a popular way to bet on the beautiful game. If you are a regular acca backer, then it’s likely that you’ve come across acca insurance. But what is it and how can it benefit the matched bettor?

What Is Acca Insurance?

Acca Insurance is promoted by quite a few online bookmakers and a handful of firms on the high-street too. It offers the potential of a refund on losing accumulator bets, either as a free bet or bonus. The refund amount will be limited to a certain amount per bet. There’s also a cap on how many refunds you can have in a certain time period. For example; maximum £25 free bet per calendar day.

The mechanics of each offer differ from bookie to bookie but the general concept remains the same. You will be required to place an acca bet with a minimum amount of legs, such as a five-fold. Each leg must have minimum odds and/or the acca must have minimum cumulative odds. In most cases, the offer will be restricted to set markets and competitions but there are some exceptions.

If a single selection lets your acca down and all remaining legs win, then you will qualify for the refund. This means that if you have a near miss, you will at least get a chance to have another shot at winning.

What Is Matched Betting?

Bookmaker offers can be used to make money online with matched betting. It’s a mathematically proven technique, with minimal risk compared to traditional gambling. Bookies run promotions to attract new customers and encourage existing players to deposit and place more bets. The free bets and bonuses from such promos can be converted into real cash profits with relative ease.

By using a betting exchange such as Smarkets or Betfair, you can place lay bets to offset your bookmaker bets. A lay bet is to bet something won’t win, so you can get a return whatever the outcome of the event. This allows you to qualify for the free bet or bonus for a minimal fee. You can then lay against the free bet or bonus to generate a real money profit.

Matched Bets premium gives access to accurate and easy to follow instructions to make money from bookmaker offers. Our guides have in-built odds matching software that finds close matches between bookmaker prices and exchange lay odds, giving you an ideal bet each time. Then our integrated matched betting calculator will advise a suitable lay stake for almost any situation, meaning there is no complicated working out to do. And to top it all off, our software will track your bets, so you don’t need a spreadsheet to keep tabs on your running profit total.

Why Is Acca Insurance Good For Matched Betting?

Because acca insurance has the potential to give you a refund, it can be used to make money through matched betting. This requires a good grasp of the concept and is not recommended for novices. However, with the help of MatchedBets.com offer guides and tools, you can make acca insurance pay. There are four methods that can be used to take advantage of accumulator offers.

Lay Sequential – This approach makes more money the longer the acca is running but requires you to place multiple lay bets between each game

Lock In – This method yields a smaller return that remains the same, whatever the outcome of the bet. Again, you will need to be around to place the lay bets.

Lay At Start – Is a ‘set and forget’ technique which can be done in advance to create extra time to do more offers

No Lay – Uses positive expected value to generate a profit over time. Because losing streaks are possible, a suitable bank is needed to account for variance

As you can see, deciding which method to use comes down to personal preference. If you have the time and will be around to place the lay bets, then lay sequential or lock-in are likely to appeal. If you need to set things up ahead of time, then lay at start will be suitable. If you’re looking for minimal effort and trust in the true value, then the no lay approach can be used.

It’s not just the money making side of things that makes acca insurance appealing. Bookmakers have ways of detecting matched betting behaviour and betting on accumulators can help you to stay under the radar. If you only ever bet on events that relate to promotions, then it’s likely that your account will be flagged up.

I started this article by saying that acca bets are among the most popular and you can blend in with the crowd by placing accas. You are much less likely to be noticed when doing this and placing a few mug bets too. A mug bet is a bet that has no chance of qualifying for a reward, therefore won’t be deemed suspicious. Mixing up matched betting offers, mug bets and accumulators is a good way of extending the life of your betting accounts.



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