What Is A Matched Betting Calculator

matched betting calculator

To truly grasp how to make money from betting offers it really pays to understand what is a matched betting calculator.

We use a number of tools to simplify matched betting, making it a quick and easy way to make a risk-free profit from free bets and bonuses. So quick, you can earn £500 and up each month for spending from 30 minutes per day doing offers when armed with tools and support provided by Matched Bets.

You’ll have all the offers served up to you and the Odds Matcher finds the best bets to use. Training videos and guides walk you through every offer step by step but it’s the matched betting calculator that figures out the staking plan to guarantee and maximise your profits.

The basic principle of matched betting is to use your own money to earn a free bet by first placing a qualifying bet with a bookmaker. By using a betting exchange to back your bookmaker selection to lose, you’ll get most of your money back whatever the result. You’ll go on to make your profit when using the free bet. With the right staking plan, you’ll typically make about 80% of the value of the free bet, in cash.

Einstein won’t have needed a matched betting calculator

The secret lies in the formula that takes into account the odds with the bookmaker, the odds on the betting exchange, any commissions involved and the face value of the free bet. Einstein could probably work it out in his head, if you are good at maths you might be able to do it with pen, paper and help from an ordinary calculator. You won’t have to concern yourself with any of that, the matched betting calculator works out a staking plan that gives the same profit whatever the result.

Any matched betting calculator will do this, just enter the bet stake you’ll be placing with the bookmaker, the odds with both bookmaker and exchange and the commission rate on the exchange. The calculator will provide the ideal stake to lay on the exchange, show you how much profit you’ll make as well as how much money you’ll need in the exchange account to cover your liability.

Why Matched Bets calculator provide better results

Just like the calculator on Matched Bets, others have options for placing a normal qualifying bet and another option for using free bets. Most will have options to Underlay and Overlay which can be used for some advanced matched betting techniques. A custom option will allow you to experiment with various staking plans for circumstances when the basic functions can’t produce a true balanced profit.

What sets Matched Bets’ calculator apart is the variety of preconfigured options to remedy this. The calculator has eight one-click options, (compared to three on most other calculators) which covers almost every type of free bet, risk free bet and bonus in addition to the qualifying bet.

The calculator works as a stand-alone tool and has an in-built bet tracker to save using spreadsheets for keeping on top of your free bets. When used in conjunction with the Odds Matcher, event details, back odds and lay odds are all automatically configured. An alert appears any time there is a price change and you have the option to apply the change with one click. You will also be alerted if the lay stake exceeds the amount available on the betting exchange.

Sign up for a 14-day trial with Matched Bets for just £1 to discover what makes the matched betting calculator such a wonderful tool. You’ll have access to over £1,000 of bookmaker free bets and bonuses and you’ll be able to see that matched betting really can live up to the promises of making over £500 tax-free, each and every month.



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