What is a Lucky 15 bet?

What is a Lucky 15 bet?

Lucky 15’s are a popular bet as they allow bettors to place a multiple bet which has less risk than if placed as a standard multiple.

With a multiple bet or an accumulator, all of your selections must come in for your bet to win. Although Lucky 15 bets consist of multiple selections, it is possible to see a return should not all of them win.

You can place Lucky 15 bets at pretty much any bookmaker. Take a look at bonuscode.co.uk for a list of UK bookies. Some of these bookmakers offer bonuses on Lucky 15 bets such as a profit boost if only one of your selections win. These offers can add value to your Lucky 15 bets and are worth claiming when available.

A Lucky 15 bet consists of four selections and 15 separate bets.

  • Four Singles
  • Six Doubles
  • Four Trebles
  • One Four-Fold

As you can see, a Lucky 15 consists of singles, doubles, trebles and four-folds. Therefore, you will see a return should just one of your selections win. However, it’s likely that you will need more than one selection to win to return a profit depending on the odds of each selection. Combining all of the possible combinations, there is a total of 15 bets which you can win with one Lucky 15.

You can place a Lucky 15 bet on any sport but most people use Lucky 15’s for their football and horse racing selections.

Why place a Lucky 15?

The main reason people choose to place Lucky 15’s instead of a standard accumulator is that there is a much lower chance that you will lose your entire stake and still a chance that you will make a profit.

As mentioned, you need just one of your four selections to win to guarantee a return and with a standard accumulator, you need all four selections to win. With a Lucy 15 bet, the more of your selections which win, the greater your returns.

  • 1 selection wins: 1 single bet wins
  • 2 selections win: 2 single bets + 1 double wins
  • 3 selections win: 3 single bets + 3 doubles win
  • 4 selections win: 4 singles bets + 6 doubles + 4 trebles + 1 four-fold win

There are various strategies when it comes to placing Lucky 15 bets but it comes down to picking 4 winners. A popular strategy used by many is to place two ‘bankers’ and two selections which are less likely to come in, or three ‘bankers’ and one selection which is less likely to win. This way, you can be slightly confident that you will see a return from your ‘bankers’ and if the ‘wildcard’ wins, you should be in for a nice payout.

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