What Could You Buy With £600 Earnings From Our Matched Betting Guide?

What Could You Buy With £600 Earnings From Our Matched Betting Guide?

In August we ran a hugely successful matched betting guide in our forum. The post was designed to help Matched Bets premium members make £300 part time. However, with the help of Glorious Goodwood and the start of the new football season, we reached our goal in a couple of weeks. At the end of the month we had made over double the original target and finished up with £604.50 in expected profit.

It just goes to show that matched betting really does work. None of the offers we used were signups, dispelling the myth that it’s all over once you’ve done the welcome offers. Bear in mind that the final figure didn’t include any advantage play offers either. So by following the thread in addition to playing other promotions, it would have been fairly easy to bring in over £1,000 in August.

What Could You Spend £600 On?

300 Costa Coffees – If you like the boost of a morning coffee, then think of all the caffeine hits you could get thanks to matched betting. You wouldn’t need any extra sugar as your cuppa would taste sweet enough with the knowledge it was earned by exploiting bookie offers. For medical reasons, it’s advised not to drink 300 cups of coffee in one sitting.

130 Big Mac Meals – Matched betting can save the student a costly lunch bill. Yes you could be the talk of your university by splashing out on an extravagant extra value meal three times a week. Just imagine the jealous stares from your roommates as you trump their beans on toast with a tasty burger day after day.


6 Annual Matched Bets Subscriptions – Looking at something more sensible to spend your earnings on, you could effectively pay the £99 yearly subscription to Matched Bets up to 2023. And why wouldn’t you? Having made £600 in a single month, you could use our oddsmatcher and matched betting calculator to emulate that total month on month and bring in over £40,000 of tax-free cash in the next six years.

2 Games Consoles – There are some great deals for games consoles around now and you could easily afford two bundles. You wouldn’t even need to decide between Playstation 4 or XBox One, as you’d have enough to get both. There would even be enough leftover to buy an additional game or two. The perfect entertainment solution for passing the time between betting offers.

1 Premier League Season Ticket – Unless you support Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea or Arsenal, you could buy a season ticket for any other Premier League club and have some money to spare. You could even buy a pair of season tickets for West Ham but if you did want to watch the Gunners, then you’d need to raise an extra £291.

New Matched Betting Guide For September

Following the success of last month’s forum post, we’ve decided to go again with another matched betting guide for September. We are focusing on guaranteed profit offers but will also point you in the direction of good advantage play offers with a high expected value. The post splits the offers into two categories; those that are easy to complete and those that require a little more effort.

There are free bet clubs which reward loyalty, bet and get offers and risk-free bets that all contribute to ongoing matched betting profits. By following the instructions in the Matched Bets premium area, you will be able to lock-in a profit from each of these promotions. Our members are readily bringing in over £500 per month and you can too. Try MatchedBets for 14 days for just £1 and get access to over £1,000 worth of free bets and bonuses. You can see the current pricing plan at the bottom of this page.



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