What Are BTTS & Win Bets?

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BTTS & Win is fast becoming a favourite type of bet among punters and it’s not difficult to see why.

One of the worst things about a standard match bet is poor odds when backing the bigger sides, but a BTTS and win bet can help boost those odds and create a bumper pay packet.

For those new to betting, you’re probably wondering what BTTS (Both teams to score) & win betting actually is. Thankfully by reading below you’ll get a full rundown of everything you need to know about the market…

What is BTTS and Win Betting?

The BTTS market is one of the most popular and most exciting out there and it can’t be denied it adds excitement to betting. After all, everyone loves goals!

It’s a market where you can make some good money from relatively low stakes as it is, naturally, a harder bet to win.

How it works is a punter will back a team to win with a BTTS aspect too. BTTS is a bet that means you’re backing both teams to score, so essentially picking a winner in a game where both home and away team will hit the back of the net.

How Does BTTS & Win Work?

This means that essentially you can’t win with a result that’s goals to nil and any result has to be at least 2-1.

The payout with this bet is higher as it’s essentially two markets rolled into one. The first bet is of course the BTTS bet, a wager with plenty of markets across all major bookmakers, and the match bet, your big standard pick a team to win.

To earn a payout, both sides of the bet need to come through.

For Example:

If Stoke were facing Manchester City and you played a BTTS and win bet on City, you’d win the bet if the result ended with the following results…

1-2, 1-3, 2-3, 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 5-1 etc.

You would lose the bet if one of these results came through…

0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4, 0-5 etc.

You would also lose the bet if Stoke City were to win the game by any margin and if the result finished a draw. However you can also back a BTTS and Draw bet if you think the outcome will end a stalemate with both teams grabbing a goal.

Why Play BTTS & Win?

There are plenty of reasons to back a BTTS and Win bet, and for the most part that’s to make a bigger profit.

It can be a tougher bet to make but the rewards are very much worth it. You get higher odds because, as mentioned, you’re essentially making two bets with both required to pay off to win.

The BTTS and Win market is a popular bet when backing the top teams as you’ll get better odds on the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and the two Manchester clubs.

Taking the example above again, the match result odds for Stoke v Manchester City would look a bit like the following…

Stoke City – 14/1

Draw – 11/2

Manchester City – 2/9

As you can see the value on Manchester City would be very low. However, add both teams to score and the market becomes more like this…

Stoke City – 22/1

Draw – 6/1

Manchester City – 15/8

The BTTS & Win market swings the odds dramatically into good value range and makes the game a much more appealing one to back.

When To Play BTTS & Win

With the market being quite a difficult one to get right, it’s well worth knowing when to play this wager.

Knowing the right strategy is vital and there are a few things you should take into account before placing a BTTS & Win bet.

  • Know where the goals are: If two teams are in a fine bit of form in front of goal then you’re likely to see the ball hit the back of the net. Additionally if there are mistakes in a certain defence, or a player loves to score against a certain side, a wager on BTTS could prove good value.
  • Take into account injuries and suspensions: Players missing in games can have a dramatic effect on your wager. If a star striker is out or the creative spark, then goals are less likely. Equally, if goalkeepers or key defenders are missing there’s also more of a chance of seeing a goal.
  • Pick a game where the teams are matched: You’ll get better odds on teams that are matched a little more closely. Mid-table battles are always good for this while games between two top teams and two relegation candidates can also give you some fantastic odds.
  • Play one of our BTTS Tips: We’re regularly bringing our customers exciting BTTS Tips, so why not make the most of them?
  • Play with the underdog: You’ll get huge odds on a BTTS & Win when backing the underdog. If you believe a lower ranked side will win, then BTTS may be the one to back. This is always a promising wager when there’s a new manager in charge and you get a touch of new Manager syndrome.
  • Use a free bet: With BTTS & Win being a relatively risky bet, you can make it risk free by playing the market with a free bet. This is especially true if you’re new to the market.

What Bookmakers Offer BTTS & Win Odds?

BTTS & Win is a hugely popular market and is offered by most major bookmakers.

Some of our favourites offers some fantastic odds on BTTS including the likes of bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill.

They offer a range of BTTS markets on top of BTTS & Win, with BTTS in both halves and standard both teams to score bets available.

At MatchedBets we do our best to bring you the very best BTTS predictions, while we’ll also bring you the best free bet offers to play on the best bookmakers across the UK.

Can I Place A BTTS & Win Accumulator?

One way to make even more profit is with a BTTS & Win accumulator. It’s a brave bet and one of the hardest to make but you can make some serious money with them.

The likes of William Hill and bet365, as well as all the other major bookies, will offer this wager, but you have to have a seriously good strategy to see this one through!

We offer plenty of acca tips on its dedicated page, so why not head over and check out our best accumulator tips.



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