What are best odds guaranteed offers?

Best Odds Guaranteed

No matter what sport you’re betting on you’re going to want the best possible odds to make maximum profit from matched betting. Whether you’re backing a huge Champions League fixture or a favourite on the Cheltenham Gold Cup, getting the best odds is a must for matched bettors and punters alike.

It’s not always easy to get the best price for your selections, however. You could make a bet and just hours before a fixture something could change and the odds get bigger. That means you could very well miss out on an extra bit of profit should your bet come through.

It’s a sickner, almost like losing, especially if you do miss out on a tidy sum. However, best odds guaranteed are making that a thing of the past.

Offered by many of the UK’s biggest bookmakers, best odds guaranteed are a punters new best friend and an offer you really can’t miss out on.

Below you’ll find out everything you need to know about best odds guaranteed offers as well as where you will find them. So what’re you waiting for, make the most of our best odds guaranteed offers today!

What Is Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed (or BOG for short) is a promotion that some bookmakers offer, that applies only to horse racing (and sometimes greyhound racing) bets and usually covers all UK & Irish racing.

Most people may not quite understand what best odds guaranteed actually means and can often get confused. It’s understandable, from the name alone, that punters may believe they’re getting the best odds across all bookmakers, in the same way a supermarket may offer a price match against other supermarkets.

However, this certainly isn’t the case. Best odds guaranteed actually means you’ll get the best odds between the moment you make the bet against the start price.

What that means is that if you were to place a bet at one price and then come the beginning of the fixture that had changed to higher odds, if the bet wins the bookmaker will payout the higher odds.

For example:

If a bookmaker was to offer best odds guaranteed on a football match between Liverpool and Manchester City, and you took a punt on Manchester City at 2/1. If the price was to rise to 3/1 as the game kicked off and City won, the bookmaker would give you those 3/1 odds.

Additionally, if the odds were 3/1 when you originally put the bet on and those odds dropped to 2/1 at kick off, the bookmaker would still give you the 3/1 odds.

What Sports Can You Get Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed is offered across a range of sports with different bookmakers offering different best odds promotions.

Football and Horse Racing are two of the most common sports where best odds guaranteed are offered. It’s incredibly popular with the latter and some bookmakers offering the promotion across all UK and Ireland horse racing.

You’ll also find best odds guaranteed on a number of other sports however, with the likes of William Hill and Ladbrokes having a large range of markets.

Other best odds guaranteed sports with bookmakers can include:

  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Cricket
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • Ice Hockey
  • Darts
  • Greyhounds

Best Odds Guaranteed For Football

There are a number of markets which may offer best odds guaranteed, although they can be a little rarer than horse racing. Naturally, the most popular promotion is with match result betting, as noted in the example above.

You may also see best odds guaranteed in a number of other markets including the goalscorer market, both teams to score, promotion and relegation odds and outright winners markets, which could be particularly popular in the build up to the 2018 World Cup.  

Best Odds Guaranteed For Horse Racing

Horse racing is the bread and butter of the best odds guaranteed market and is a popular market with almost every major bookmaker now offering best odds guaranteed.

bet365 were one of the trailblazers of best odds guaranteed on the horses and it works in a similar way to the football mentioned above. If you place a bet on a horse to win a race only for the starting price to have higher odds, the bookmaker will pay out the higher odds if the horse wins.

For Example:

If you were to back Blaklion for the Grand National at 12/1 and the start price of the horse went up to 16/1, the bookmaker would pay out the 16/1 odds, meaning you get an even tidier profit.

Of course, if the price drops at the start price, you’ll still receive the original 12/1 you backed in the first place.

These are particularly popular around March and April with bookies offering Cheltenham best odds guaranteed and Grand National best odds guaranteed.

Where Can I Find The Best Odds Guaranteed?

Most of the UK’s best bookies will bring you the best odds guaranteed. The wager is now an extremely popular bet so bookmakers are doing their best to lure you in with this promotion.

Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and bet365 all regularly offer this bet, with many bookmakers offering best odds guaranteed on UK and Ireland races all year round.

You’ll find some of our very favourite best odds guaranteed offers on this page, while it’s also worth opening multiple accounts to really maximise your profits with this promotion.

When Should I Use Best Odds Guaranteed?

Of course, if you can get the opportunity to play best odds guaranteed, then it’s well worth taking. You’ll find them across the best online bookmakers, and most horse racing bets will allow you to take advantage of this.

  • A lot of people ignore Best Odds Guaranteed and go about their normal matched betting activities, and will occasionally get a nice surprise when a BOG boost has increased their bookmaker returns.
  • You can ‘dutch’ races (usually with 5 or less runners) if done more than 1 or 2 hours before the race begins, you can usually expect the odds to increase on at least 1 horse
  • You can take any horse as a close match and hope for a BOG boost. We sometimes see people winning £200+ from a single bet, that was placed with minimal/zero qualifying loss
  • When combined with other offers (for example ‘racing refunds’ as you will find on the calendar each day) you can justify the qualifying loss to the offer, and then you get the BOG opportunity added for free

Knowing what to bet on is a different story however. That’s why at MatchedBets we continue to bring you the very best matched betting tools. You’ll have access to odds matching software and calculators, while we’ll also bring you the very finest free bet offers and welcome offers.

We’ll make sure all your Cheltenham and Royal Ascot festival tips are met and as the summer approaches we’ll bring you the very best World Cup best odds guaranteed offers and free bet promotions.



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