Using Price Boosts To Guarantee Profit

Using Price Boosts To Guarantee Profit

There are plenty of ways to profit from all kinds of bookmaker offers. One such offer is ‘price boosts’. This is when bookmakers offer enhanced odds on certain selections, and it gives us a unique opportunity to guarantee a profit.

The offer of a price boost is the reason you should have an account with most bookmakers. As an example, a 21Bet free bet voucher is available when you sign up for an account, and it can be turned into around £6 profit through matched betting. Once you have profited from the welcome offer, not only can you get a free bet each week but there are plenty of special price boosts listed each day.

How To Make Money When Matched Betting

From a matched betting point of view, the way we can profit from a price boost offer is simple. When the price boost odds are higher than the lay odds on a betting exchange, we will profit whatever the outcome. In such instances, we can use the matched betting calculator to work out the ideal lay stake for us.

As an example of how it works, lets take the Wolves to beat Brentford offer listed by 21Bet. The original odds were 2.90 but the price boost odds were 3.40. The lay odds on Betfair Exchange were 2.76. At the normal back odds of 2.90, our profit would have been £0.42. At the price boost odds of 3.40, our profit is increased to £4.79. Therefore the price boost has given us an extra £4.37 for very little effort.

Using Price Boosts To Guarantee Profit

There are plenty of bookmakers that do offer price boosts quite regularly. Sky Bet list countless price boosts on football and horse racing markets, and William Hill currently have a Bet Boost promotion ongoing on mobile bets, which can be used to arb a guaranteed profit. Full information on how to do this is listed in our offer guide, and through completing price boost offers you will be able to add a steady amount to your matched betting profits.

Be aware that you probably shouldn’t take too many price boosts at once, as it may flag your account up to the bookmaker. As long as you are patient and careful though, price boosts can be profitable.



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