Use Matched Betting To Build An Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Have you ever considered how much of a savings buffer you would need to avoid falling into debt if something unexpected were to happen in your life?

Redundancy, divorce, expensive repairs are some of the everyday occurrences that cause many of today’s families to fall into worrying debt. With the average weekly take home wage in the UK hovering around £400, it is very difficult to set money aside for emergencies.

A BBC News magazine article earlier this year reported four in 10 adults in the UK have less than £500 in savings. It falls a long way short of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis’ recommendation to set aside six to nine months earnings to avoid falling into penury if you suffer a financial crisis.

There’s lots of budgetary advice around to help people plan and save but if often means cutting back on the little luxuries in life. Matched betting, as contradictory as it first sounds, could be the ideal solution for those looking to save up for a rainy day while maintaining or improving their current standard of living. People are earning £500+ per month by devoting about half an hour a day which works out a much higher rate than the average salary.

Matched Betting Offers Greater Financial Security

Matched betting is a risk-free way of making money from bookmaker promotions. While it does involve betting, there is no gambling and is completely safe when done properly plus the profits are tax-free. This is a perfectly legitimate way to earn an extra income and has been endorsed by leading websites like The Telegraph, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Money Saving Expert and Save The Student.

This proven system works by qualifying for the free bets on offer in bookmaker promotions. Using betting exchanges to cover both outcomes of an event, matched bettors can pick up a free bet for a few pennies. The free bet can be converted into cash using a similar technique and because it is free, you can retain around 80% of it’s value. A £25 free bet offer will typically earn just under £20 for a few minutes effort.

Matched Bets provides step-by-step tutorials explaining every offer along with tools to find the best bets to place and calculate the ideal stakes which maximise your profits. You can find out more in this guide to matched betting.

If you’re in a position where losing your laptop or your car breaking down could mean going into debt or holding off holiday plans, consider matched betting as a means to greater financial security.



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