Ladbrokes US Open Offer Provides Matched Betting Opportunity

Ladbrokes US Open Offer Provides Matched Betting Opportunity

Ladbrokes are certainly one of the most popular bookmakers for UK customers, and a big reason for this is the special offers they list all year around. When matched betting, a lot of these offers can be turned into a guaranteed profit. If you have never encountered it before, matched betting is a technique used to ensure a profit from free bets and other incentives that are offered by bookmakers. It works by cancelling out the risk of only placing a back bet. By placing a back bet on a selection to win and a lay bet on the same selection to lose, we cover both outcomes. Then, when the back bet is placed with a free bet stake or bonus funds, we will win either money either way.

Big sporting events are usually looked on with even more anticipation by matched bettors, as it means bookmakers are likely to be listing special promotions. This is the case with the 2017 US Open Tennis, for which Ladbrokes are offering money back as a free bet, up to the value of £10, if your first bet loses on the Set 1 Correct Score market in certain matches. This offer is relevant for the first match of each day session on the Arthur Ashe court.

The fact that this seems to be offered for every day of the tournament means that we have a great opportunity to make a lot of money from this. As this is essentially a risk-free bet, we will need to use the special ‘Freebet on loss’ feature on the matched betting calculator. When you input the details of the selection you have made, including the back stake, back odds, free bet amount and lay odds, our calculator automatically works out the ideal lay stake that you will need to place on the exchange.

Risk-Free Bet

As the bet is risk-free, our qualifying bet should be placed on a selection with odds of at least 5.00 with the bookmaker and the closer the exchange odds are the better. How close the match is really matters, as it allows you to maximise your profits. If you find a perfect match with the odds the same with the bookmaker and on the exchange, the only losses with an exchange win will be the commission paid. It’s not always possible to find a perfect match so always look for as close a match as possible as the bigger the price differential, the more is chipped away from your profit.

If your bet wins with the bookmaker, you will be done with the offer as you will have made your profit already. If it loses, your Ladbrokes account will be credited with a free bet within 24 hours. When using the free bet, you will receive the winnings but the stake will not be returned. The calculator, when in ‘Freebet’ mode, will take this into account of course to work out how much you need to lay on your next selection. Again, odds of 5.00 or greater will give a good profit. When using free bet stakes, usually we aim to keep 80%. So, with the £10 free bet stake you will be looking to keep £8. You will then need to take into account any qualifying losses from your first bet too though.

In the end, you should come out of this offer with at least £5 in profit for every day of the tournament. Offers like this one are crucial in adding to your matched betting profits as they are easy to complete and when done every day possible will be very valuable. You can find the entire offer guide in the premium section of, which will guide you through every step of the way.



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