UK Gamblers Flocking to Mobile Gambling Apps

UK Gamblers Flocking to Mobile Gambling Apps

About 20 years ago, the online gambling market became a reality. At first, UK gamblers were only given access to a small number of online sports books. It wasn’t long before some of the UK’s better bookmakers thought their loyal gamblers might enjoy playing a few casino table games like Blackjack and Roulette, plus fruit machines as additional forms of gambling entertainment. 

Surprisingly, the addition of online casino games of chance really caught the imagination of casino gamblers who were looking for gambling alternatives. They were tired of having to make weekend trips to their favorite local land based casinos. The answer to their desires became the advent of dedicated online casinos.

Here we are 20 years later and so much has changed within the online casino gambling industry. Today’s top online casinos now feature dozens of tables games and literally hundreds of really cool video slots with free spins and interactive bonus features. We are also seeing the addition of Virtual Reality (VR) technology and the use of cryptocurrency as a viable deposit option. 

Perhaps the greatest innovation of all has been the online casino industry’s move towards mobile gambling. At a time when the competition between online operators is at an all-time high, it’s often a player’s access to a cutting edge mobile app that rules the day. 

The Booming Age of Mobile Gambling

Up until about 3 or 4 years ago, mobile gambling enthusiasts were restricted to having access to optimized websites that were somewhat compatible with the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. At issue was the quality of the gambling experience and a significant restriction to available games.

It has only been within the last three years that mobile gambling apps have become commonplace. Not only are they commonplace but advancements in technology have brought about a higher quality of video and audio enjoyment. In many cases, an operator’s mobile app offers a gambling experience that’s very much on par with what the operator’s website has to offer. 

The reaction to the availability of mobile gambling apps that will let gamblers gamble from anywhere at anytime has been explosive. In recent studies, the data shows more than 50% of all regular online gamblers are now using their favorite mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) to gamble. What’s even more impressive is the prediction by experts that 80% or more of online gambling will be done through mobile apps within the next couple of years. 

It doesn’t stop with the quality of the gambling experience. Many of the best UK Casinos are offering special bonuses for mobile gamblers only. Throw in full access to customer service and a wide range of banking options, and it becomes clear the industry is intent on focusing primarily on mobile gambling as the heart of the industry’s future.

There’s one more thing that makes mobile gambling the future of online gambling. Software developers are currently working on the development of VR technology for mobile devices. As a gambler, you might soon be able to play Virtual casino games while sitting in your favourite coffee shop. 

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