UFC Betting Markets

ufc betting markets

The popularity of UFC has exploded in recent years with mainstream media fighters such as Conor McGregor fueling the demand even further. As such, the vast majority of bookmakers now take bets on UFC fights and punters have the choice of several betting markets.

UFC betting markets are similar to those available for boxing matches and the number of markets available will depend on how popular the bout is. For example, for a major fight between two top UFC fighters, bookies may offer more betting markets.

Below, we will explain the various options when it comes to betting on UFC.

Fight Winner

The most popular bet in UFC is betting on the winner of the fight. There are two fighters and so two possible outcomes.

Method of Victory

Fighters can win a fight in a number of ways and many bookmakers allow you to bet on how the fight is decided. The options are:

  • Knockout
  • Technical knockout
  • Decision
  • Submission

Generally, you also have to pick one of the two fighters to win via this method. For example, ‘Conor McGregor to win by KO’. However, you may find a bookie offering these markets on either fighter. For example, ‘Either fighter to win by KO’. UFC odds for a specific fighter to win by a certain method will give greater odds and if usually the preferred option of the two.

Below, we will explain what each of the terms mean.

Knockout (KO)

Knockouts are when a fighter inflicts a punch, kick, knee, elbow or slam (or a combination of those blows) which leaves their opponent unable to continue in the fight. In this case, the fighter who inflicted the strikes would win by Knockout (KO).

Technical Knockout (TKO)

A Technical Knockout, or TKO, differs from a KO as it is generally not the fighter who decides to stop the fight.

A Technical Knockout occurs when a fighter is attacked by their opponent and the fight is stopped by either:

  • The referee
  • The cornerman
  • The doctor

The fighter who is receiving the strikes could have no option other than to defend themself which could force the referee or cornerman to intervene and stop the fight to avoid further injury. The fight could also be stopped due to injury and a doctor could stop the fight is the injury can not be treated.

In these circumstances, the fighter inflicting the blows would win by TKO.

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Disqualification (DQ)

Disqualifications can happen for a number of reasons in a UFC fight. Just like with any other sport, UFc has rules and if those rules are broken, fighters can be disqualified similar to how a player may receive a red card in a football match for breaking the rules.

Some examples of reasons for disqualification include biting, spitting, head butting, hair pulling, holding onto the fence and fish hooking.

Disqualifications can be awarded both during the fight and before the fighters have even entered the ring.


A submission is when a fighter declares they cannot continue due to injury. If a fighter declares submission, they can do so directly to the referee or to their corner who will notify the referee.

Submissions are generally the least likely outcome of a UFC fight.

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Round Betting

Similar to in boxing, you can bet on a number of round markets. These include betting on one of the two fighters to win in a specific round or how many rounds the fight will last regardless of which fighter wins.

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