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trading212 free share

Trading212 is a trading and investing platform, allowing users to buy and sell stocks via their website or app.

So what has stock trading got to do with matched betting?

Well, this isn’t strictly matched betting but if there’s a profit to be made, we like to know about it!

Thankfully, there is a profit to be made for people who do not currently have a Trading212 account and it’s quick and simple to claim.

Trading212 Sign Up Offer

This guide will show you how to lock in a quick profit of around £10 or more in just a few simple steps.

Trading212 give new customers a free share when they sign up and it is from these shares that you are able to make a profit from.

Free Share worth up to £100 for new customers!

Claim Your FREE Share Now

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up to Trading212 by clicking here.


Important: Make sure you select an ‘Invest Account’ and not an ‘ISA Account’ as the free shares are only given to new Invest Account customers.

trading212 invest

Step 2: Fund your account

In order to receive the free share, you need a funded account. Don’t worry though, you can withdraw your initial deposit at any point and you won’t be using it to buy shares.

The minimum deposit is £1 but we recommend depositing around £10. This offer has been known by matched bettors for a few weeks now and so depositing slightly more than the minimum will help avoid any possible issues.

Step 3: Receive your free share

Your free share won’t be available immediately but should be in your account within a few hours. The value of your free share can be anything up to £100 and you won’t know until you receive it.

When your share has been credited, you will see it in ‘Open Positions’ at the bottom of the site once logged in. Once it is in Open Positions, it is ready to be used. If it is in ‘Pending Positions’, it hasn’t been credited yet.

free share

Click on this icon to view your free share

Once credited, you will notice that your available balance is your initial deposit + your free share amount.

Step 4: Sell your free share

Once you have received your free share, you won’t be able to sell them for 3 days. You’ll see that your share value is shown as ‘blocked funds’ but this status will change to ‘Free Funds’ after selling.

free funds

To sell your shares after the 3 days, click on the ‘X’. You won’t be able to sell it immediately but it should sell within a few hours.

Once sold, your share balance, as well as our initial deposit, will be available for withdrawal and your profit will be the value of your sold shares.


Free Share worth up to £100 for new customers!

Claim Your FREE Share Now

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