Top Horse Racing Tracks You Can Take Part In Betting

Top Horse Racing Tracks You Can Take Part In Betting

Mid-year has finally kicked-off and summer season has begun. Many people are now spending the best time of their lives as they head on to their plans of making their summer leaves more memorable. We all have different ways of spending our summer vacation, and some are even wanting to make it more unique and different. 

If some people wanted to spend their vacation holidays on beaches or travelling to different places, sports bettors would like to spend it betting on horse racing events. During the first and second quarter of this year, we have witnessed the recently concluded U.S Triple Crown show in which no winner was pronounced following a controversial event in the Kentucky Derby. 

Now that summer has finally arrived, another set of horse racing tournaments are in line for every sports bettor to partake. A lot of notable racing track will open to give way to these racing events which will happen in some parts of the country. Inevitably, a lot of sports bettors will encourage themselves to join these upcoming races. 

Horse racing events that will take place starting this month will not only serve as prep races for bog racing events. You will see a lot of famous thoroughbred racers looking for a rematch which they fail to achieve during the previous racing tournament. Hence, if you are one of those esteemed bettors who’d like to partake in the upcoming horse racing, here are the top tracks to visit so you can wager for your best entries. 

Emerald Downs 

It’s one of the most popular racing tracks located in Auburn, Washington. It initially opened on June 20, 1996, which holds a racing event starting in the mid of April until the middle of September. With regards to the physical attributes of the track, it comes in a 1.6 oval measurement which is made of coarse sand, textile fabric, and washed rock. 

The Emerald Downs racetrack is composed of various amenities and facilities which makes every guest comfortable as they watch the races. The Grandstand serves as the main facility, which is made of grassy area amenable for children to play. It also has a barn area in which all horse racers can use to complete their full hygiene. Other amenities include the Sales Pavilion and Equine Hospital for all guests to use. 

Lastly, there are several races held every weekend and every night. They may either come as graded or ungraded. You can certainly take part in the different racing events that Emerald Downs keep and bet for your best entries. 

Los Alamitos 

The Los Alamitos racing field is located in the City of Cypress, California. The racecourse holds various notable horse racing events where you can anticipate an action-packed racing event. All racing shows starts from August until the first week of the last quarter this year. It is owned by Ed Alldred. The Los Alamitos Race Course serves as the home of prep races in which a thoroughbred entry can earn an automatic spot in huge horse racing events such as U.S.  Triple Crown Series. 

With regards to the facilities and amenities, the racetrack is composed of five-furlong running distance made of calcium chlorate, clay, and red brick. Each horses accommodation include to almost 1,400 stalls. The main Grandstand of Los Alamitos Race Course comes with a total if 6,500 seaters in all views. 

Mountaineer Casino, Resort, and Race Track 

It is a race track found in the Ohio River where thoroughbred horse racers are competing in different graded states category. It is a race track manipulated by El Dorado Resorts which was known as the first racing field to have a casino and a resort. The racing field is composed of 1-mile oval made from the dirt track. It also has a turf course that’s produced around 7 furlongs. The casino inside the racecourse has about 3200 slot machines. 

The Mountaineer Casino, Resort, and Race Track hold more than ten racing events including the Mountain Stakes Stakes, West Virginia Derby, and Autumn Leaves Stakes. The winning purse also comes in huge amount, and bettors are wanting to partake each race happening in Mountaineer Casino, Resort, and Race Track. 

Hawthorne Race Course

The Hawthorne Race Course is mainly situated in Cicero, Illinois. The said horse racing facility hold at least three main horse racing tournaments namely Hawthorne Gold Cup, Illinois Derby, and Hawthorne Derby. These racing events are well-known in the American Horse Racing Association, and winners head on to a bigger stakes races. 

The racing field of Hawthorne Race Course is composed of seven furlongs for turf races and 1.6 miles for dirt track. It is also considered to have the longest distance of all dir tracks compared to other horse racing fields. Lastly, the main facilities include Grandstand and reserved seating areas for guests to see the action-packed racing show in all angles. 

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