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You’ve probably heard of blockchain technology by now. If not, you’ve at least heard of Bitcoin. It’s been all over the news over the past few months, and it’s making investors absolutely crazy.

But despite what many people have been led to believe, the most exciting thing about blockchain definitely isn’t Bitcoin.

Blockchain technology has the potential to advance our society in ways we could never even have imagined as little as a few years ago.

How Can Blockchain Be Applied to the Betting Industry?

One new blockchain startup, known as BlitzPredict, has dedicated itself to using blockchain technology for the purpose of improving the betting industry.

The platform aims to connect the world’s betting markets to provide a simpler, more improved experienced for users.

It features a specialized aggregator that ensures users will always have access to the best lines available on the market, and a smart betting system that utilizes smart contracts to execute wagers when certain criteria are met.

The platform even has a system that incentivizes sports analytics experts to share their models and make contributions to community projects. BlitzPredict will also sponsor analytics tournaments, where participants will receive rewards for delivering the most accurate results.


The Major Problems With the Betting Industry Right Now

As any experienced bettor will know, there are many flaws with online bookmakers and the betting industry. But there are a few that particularly stand out.

First and foremost is the issue that many events, such as sports, crypto, eSports, and politics, are traded across marketplaces across several different platforms for the exact same event.

This requires users to spend time and effort scanning through all of these different marketplaces in search of the best prices for the same event. This is tedious, inefficient, and above all, unnecessary.

The second issue, which is perhaps even more important than the first issue in many cases, is the fact that it often takes days, or in some cases, even weeks, to receive your winnings from the centralized authorities that run these platforms.

While this might not seem like a big deal at a glance, it could actually be costing you more money than you realize. The longer it takes these organizations to pay you, the more you’re losing out on valuable interest that you could be gaining on your winnings.

Not to mention, there may be cases where users are in urgent need of the money. For example, they may want to use the money to make additional bets, or, even more importantly, they may have bills or debts that need to be paid off right away.

How Can BlitzPredict Solve These Issues?

The BlitzPredict platform is designed to ensure that users always get the best price. In order to do this, it makes use of a global aggregator that scans the marketplace and selects the best deals.

If that wasn’t already enough, it even makes sure that users get their winnings paid to them immediately following the conclusion of any event. To make this possible, the application is working on building a liquidity reserve.

In order to help fund this liquidity reserve, the BlitzPredict team is holding a token sale, where users will have the opportunity to invest in BPZ tokens.

The BPZ token is an ERC-20 token that is built on the Ethereum network. Throughout the sale, 1 ETH will be equivalent to 25,000 BPZ, and there will be a hard cap of 8,500 ETH.

The funds from the token sale will also be used to develop various other aspects of the application, including security, operations, legal, marketing, and most prominently, development.

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Could Decentralization Alter the Future of Betting?

Decentralization is changing almost every industry on a huge scale – and the betting industry is no exception. Thankfully, these changes are certainly for the better.

Getting rid of huge centralized corporations will take a while – in fact, we’ll probably always need centralized organizations to some extent – but the benefits are numerous.

Most notably, decentralization shifts the power dynamic away from large corporations, back into the hands of ordinary users.

The wide scale adoption of blockchain technology will make betting a safer, fairer, and ultimately more enjoyable experience for users.



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