This Year’s Most Anticipated Casino Games

This Year’s Most Anticipated Casino Games

It only takes one Google search to realize how saturated the online casino market really is. There are hundreds if not thousands of online bookmakers waiting to offer you gambling experiences and the best casino games to play at your leisurely convenience. But all that competition doesn’t bring clients to sites easily. Online casinos instead need to attract players by providing better and more unique games than other sites. So, what are gamers anticipating from their favourite online casinos at the moment?

Three of the Most Anticipated Casino Games Right Now!

1. More Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games have just started coming to the surface with the best online casinos now streaming dealers into homes. These games enhance the online casino experience by making it more like the experienced had when attending a casino in person. Gamers are anticipating even more of these games being offered and possibly even these games streaming dealers from the best casinos in the world. Imagine being sat at home while you watch a dealer in Las Vegas’s Bellagio spin the roulette wheel. It’s possible – and it’s on its way!

2. Unique Live Games

But live games like these don’t always have to follow the classic games like roulette and poker. Many casino users are anticipating some unique takes on old games, which also include live dealers either streamed to devices or even TV sets. One of the most anticipated examples comes from Evolution Gaming which is planning to release a live casino game titled Crazy Time, in July 2020. This title will incorporate roulette together with a wheel of fortune, and is expected to be a massive success. More innovative live games like these are becoming increasing popular and always a welcome addition to any casino suite.

3. Megaways and Improved Slot Games

Slot games have come under scrutiny of late because more people using online casinos have grown up with snazzy games consoles and the internet. These generations are not as impressed by simple slots but want to experience slots with better graphics, extra bonuses and a complete narrative. That’s why video slots keep getting invented and slot games with themes that young people can relate to, such as Netflix shows like Narcos. These improved slots may even include social aspects and leaderboards between friends. Not to forget that players anticipate more Megaways (more pay lines) slots to increase excitement while playing.

Anticipated Futuristic Casino Games

We may be hoping for virtual reality casino games in the future, but it is unlikely that the technology will have been perfected for the masses in 2020. One day we may be able to play at these virtual experiences with special headsets, and get this, even work in them as dealers, waiters and waitresses or behind the bar.

But you’ll have to keep waiting for this monumental change to our online casino world…

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