The Various Types of Online Games

The Various Types of Online Games

Online games are gaining more and more popularity every day. And all because they allow several thousand people from different parts of the world to unite in one game at once via the internet. The industry of computer games began to develop in the nineties, and with the advent of the Internet, it acquired a truly royal scale. Currently, in a broad sense, games are classified according to the way they are monetized (paid and free) and by the way they are played on the device (client and browser). The client ones assume that the game client is installed on your computer’s hard drive, which can take up both several megabytes and several gigs.

The more space the game client takes, the more complex, interesting, and beautiful it is in the end. To play a browser game, such hassle is not necessary — the shell of the game is a browser, i.e. the program with which you access the internet. It also should be noted that is online betting

Popular Genres of Online Games

If everything is clear with paid and free ones, then client and browser games also have a division within themselves by genre:

  • Logic games. Puzzles, to be more precise. Such variants are the most interesting.
  • Strategies. Games with a great-power touch, as a playground, you are usually given a whole city, or a country, or a continent, or the whole world in general. You need to develop your state, but most often the strategy is played thanks to the opportunity to fight with neighbours.
  • Arcade. It is not even a game in its pure form, but rather an element of it that is used in many other types of games.
  • Simulators. Actually, these are also not really games, but rather training programs — for drivers, for example.
  • Sport games. Everything is clear here — from basketball to fishing.
  • Action. Full-fledged dynamic games, often with an intricate storyline, which require the player to be able to use the mouse and their brains.

Passage of client-side online games is associated with certain difficulties. In fact, the player temporarily becomes someone else and turns from the notorious office plankton into a powerful wizard who cuts all evil spirits into thin slices. The most popular genre is MMORPG. Here you have to play as some elf or warrior, shooter or captain of a spaceship. In other words, such free games allow you to choose a specific role for yourself.

The sense of online casino games

Slots are one of the most advanced entertainment content options in the entire lineup of any popular brand. Gaming clubs usually offer players:

  • slots;
  • poker;
  • roulette;
  • black-jack.

Slot machines can be conveniently sorted by name, popularity, user ratings. You can also sort by manufacturer and make your own selection of your favourite games. Usually slot machines are available in a free demo mode without registration. You can thoroughly study each of them before placing real bets.

The simplest classification of an online game is according to its stylistic performance. Determining the style of play is very simple, you just need to describe it, leaving out any technical detail:

  • Fantasy;
  • Westerns;
  • Cyberpunk;
  • Space;
  • Post-apocalyptic;
  • Steampunk;
  • Middle Ages;
  • Nowadays.

And, of course, such a description will not be enough for knowledgeable players. All of them first of all want to know the genre of the game, since the style is usually described in simple words. The most popular motif in online games is fantasy. These are elves, gnomes, ancient artefacts, a variety of armour, each of which has its own characteristics.

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