The Thrill Of High Risk Slots Betting

Matched Betting systems are a way to generate revenue by mitigating risk and playing the system to profit from your gambling on a regular basis. But there are other types of gambling that are more about pure risk, spills and thrills and big payout potential. One such area is high variance video slots, a part of the UK’s online casino scene that has seen explosive growth in the last 12 months.

Variance is a term that is used to describe the pattern of payouts from a slot machine. Low variance games pay our regularly, but in smaller amounts, whilst high variance games pay out irregularly but when they do, they offer huge prizes. In essence, they are riskier to play – the odds of hitting a losing streak are higher, but the pay off when you do get a good win is much bigger. For this reason,

high variance slots are loved by hardened gamblers who love the thrill of chasing down big prizes and who live for big win moments. These games are great fun and are designed to give a big adrenaline rush when they deliver, but should also be treated with caution – they can burn through your casino balance much quicker than your average slot.

As well as playing these games at online casinos you can find a lot of them reviewed and rated by players at sites like But for now, here is a guide to five of the best high variance slot games of recent years. 


Bonanza Slot By Big Time Gaming


Bonanza was released in 2016 and it makes it into our list because it was something of a game changer in the industry. It was one of the first slots to use the Megaways™ game engine developed by Australian game studio, Big Time Gaming. In Megaways™ slots each reel can randomly show anywhere between 2 and 7 symbols after each spin. Where there are 7 symbols displayed on each reel, 117,649 paylines are active in the game.  This is a far greater number than the average slot which will have a fixed amount of up to 40 or 50 paylines active at all times.  

This clever system keeps gamblers on edge throughout the game as the payout potential changes after each spin. In addition, Bonanza has a free spins round which is triggered by landing specific symbols simultaneously on the reels. Players can earn unlimited numbers of free spins. When this happens, and the reels expand fully, the pay day can be massive – well over 10,000x the cost of the initial spin. The possibility of hitting these big wins keeps Bonanza in the list of the most popular slots at most online casinos in the UK today. 


Fat Rabbit by Push Gaming 

Since Big Time Gaming started releasing slots on their Megaways™ engine competitors have started to produce more high variance games in an effort to keep up. One competitor involved in this race is Push Gaming, whose Fat Rabbit slot is a classic loved by hardcore casino gamblers. The story behind the game is a farmer who is trying to protect his crop of carrots from rampaging, hungry rabbits. Just like Bonanza, Fat Rabbit opportunities to win big come in the free spins round. Here, as more carrots land on the reels, the rabbit symbol expands to take up 2 reels x 2 rows, then 3 reels by 3 rows, then 4×4 and finally 5×5. When this happens the whole screen is taken up by the rabbit, giving you the top payout.


Laser Fruit by Red Tiger Gaming

laser fruit

Another game that uses an expanding reels engine to push up win potential is Red Tiger Gaming’s Laser Fruit. This slot has a cool, futuristic neon feel to it and also has a free spins round. Here, players have 8 free spins to start, but can earn more when special symbols land on the reels. During the free spins, randomly a laser line will appear, triggering expansion of the reels, creating more and more winlines and therefore more and more win potential. Just like Bonanza, this game can reputedly pay out over 10,000x the initial stake in one spin.


Diamond Mine Megaways™ by Blueprint Gaming

After the initial success of their own Megaways™ games, Big Time Gaming licensed their unique game engine to rivals and the race to create the best Megaways™ games began. Blueprint Gaming were one of the first to take up the challenge and delivered Diamond Mine, a super-charged high variance video slot with lots of win potential. Like Bonanza, this one has lots of free spins and win multipliers. The objective here is to unlock the diamond treasures that come from landing high-value symbols on the reels. It’s great fun, but frustrating too in equal measures.


Dead or Alive 2 By NetEnt

NetEnt are one of the biggest game developers in the industry, and their Dead or Alive slot is one of the most popular high variance games of all time. In summer 2019 they released this follow-up with much-improved graphics and gameplay. Big wins hinge on getting into the free spins round where special Wild symbols (which substitute for all others to create winlines) are sticky. That means when they land they stay in place for the remaining spins. They also have multipliers attached so when they form a winline, your win value is multiplied by the number on the wild symbol. If you want to try high variance slots then this one is a great place to start – it looks great and the gameplay is really fast-paced and engaging.

There are hundreds more slots like these available to play right now, and more on release each month. If you want to try them we recommend you start with low stakes as they can become expensive very quickly, and always remember to gamble responsibly. Good luck!   

By Matchedbets Experts


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