The Pick Of US Open Tennis Betting Offers

US Open Tennis Betting Preview

As well as enjoying the 2017 US Open Tennis tournament, we will also be able to guarantee ourselves a profit. This is due to the special promotions on offer from bookmakers, and we will list the best of them in this article. This will be no risk matched betting, as we can ensure that we make money from each offer.

The way matched betting allows us to guarantee a profit is through placing a back bet, or a few back bets, and a lay bet (or lay bets) in order to cancel each other out and qualify for a free bet. A back bet means you are betting on a selection to win, and a lay bet means you are betting on that same selection to lose. When you have received the free bet, you will then need to repeat the process of placing a back bet and a lay bet, this time using the free bet stake in order to ensure profit.

Lets take a look at the current offers for the last Grand Slam tournament of 2017.

Real Deal Bet and 10 Bet – Bet £20 Get a £10 Free Bet

Once you have opted-in on both sites, you will need to place a £20 bet on the outright winner market on a mobile device in order to be credited with a £10 free bet to use on a US Open market over the next 7 days. The first bet can be described as a ‘qualifying bet’, which is simply a real money bet that has to be placed to then receive the free bet. When searching for a selection to place your qualifying bet on, it is important to find as close of a match as possible between the back odds with the bookmaker and the odds on a betting exchange. This is so that you can minimise any potential qualifying losses.

If you find a ‘perfect match’ with exactly the same back and lay odds, the only losses you will make are due to the commission fee paid to the exchange. If there is a difference in price though, the bigger the difference is the more money you will lose on your qualifier. Once you have qualified and received the free bet, you can then place a back bet using the free bet stake and cover this with a lay bet in order to guarantee a profit of around £5.

Sun Bets – Bet £25 In-Play, Get £5 Free Bet

Place a £25 qualifying bet on any in-play US Open market and the bookie will credit you with a £5 free bet to then use on any US Open market the next day. Use the ‘Normal  Bet’ function on our matched betting calculator when completing the qualifier and when searching for a good selection, make sure they are as close to the minimum odds of 1.5 as possible and as close of a match with the odds on the exchange.

You will then be given a £5 free bet within 24 hours, which you can use on the next day’s US Open matches. Odds of 5.00 and over will give you a good profit here, and make sure to use the ‘Freebet’ option on the calculator in order to get your ideal lay stake. Once complete, you will come out with around £3 profit from this.

Coral – Bet 5x £5 In-Play, Get £5 Free Bet

Due to the nature of this offer and the fact you have to place five qualifying bets, it will take a little bit longer to complete. You may also lose more during qualifying as the £25 cumulative total cannot be placed on the same selection. Therefore, with five different selections you may not find as good of a match each time. That being said, you can do this offer each day of the tournament and once your five qualifying bets have been placed between 00:01 and 23:59 each day, the £5 free bet can be turned into around £2 in profit each time.



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