The impact of free casino bonuses on new players behaviour

The impact of free casino bonuses on new players behaviour

Do you know anyone from Poland who does not like freebies? Almost everyone would like to get a discount or a bonus on every purchase they make or any new venture they get into. 

The exciting aspect is that they know they won’t pay even a dime for what they need. However, the common question is, does it affect their behavior?

That’s the same question most people ask regarding the Polish casino bonuses. They want to know if they affect the player’s behavior in any way.

We linked up with our expert Jacek Michalski who also understands the topic better to elaborate on it. But before we answer the question, let’s look at the common casino bonuses a new player is likely to get.

Types of free casino bonuses to new players

Go through the highlighted bonuses to understand how they apply in the casino industry because you are likely to get one of them, especially if you are joining a site for the first time.

Sign up bonus

Have you ever joined a Polish gambling site like Betsafe and got a bonus for the first time? That’s referred to as the sign-up bonus. 

Sometimes you may be requested to deposit certain amounts into your account to get the bonus. In other sites in Poland, they will reward you for free without any conditions.

No deposit bonus

The trend is slowly moving away from the majority of the online casinos in Poland. However, some are still offering it to their new players. 

When you join a new site, you should be keen to ensure that you don’t wager on games with high stakes immediately because that is what some sites will request you to do. 

Additionally, some will request you to wager high amounts after giving you a lower amount as no deposit bonus.

Bonus spins

How many times have you heard about free spins? Probably, several times. They are common in online casino sites in Poland as a form of welcoming to the new subscribers.

The new players from Poland can be given a bonus in the form of special video slots. With that, they can try them and know how it feels to play them.

Welcome bonuses

Almost every Polish casino site will offer you with fantastic bonuses and other better deals when you join them. They mostly do that as a way of promoting the site. 

They know that when they give you a new bonus, you will refer other friends to the site too, and that’s what they expect. The bonus allows the player to test the website and even play the games they have never played.

Above are some of the bonuses you can enjoy when you join a new casino site. However, the question remains, “Do they have any effect on the behavior of the new player from Poland?”

Benefits of free casino bonuses to new players

Allows you to try something new

When you join a Polish casino site, you will find new games and existing ones that you couldn’t have had a chance to play. There are also several games that, as a player, you may wish to play.

However, you may be having inadequate funds to wager on them. Therefore, free slot games with bonuses give you a chance to try them.

Enables you to know where to start from

Being a new player, you may not know where to start considering that some games may look complicated to you. Therefore, having free spins or sign-up bonuses will enable you to exploit various available games on the site with little risk.

A great form of reward

Many sites prefer to reward their players with free spins and other forms of bonus. That makes them happy and encourages them to play more. Additionally, their chances of winning bigger sums also increase, considering the amount of bonus they get.

Do they affect the new players’ behavior?

The above information shows that players’ happiness is determined by their bonus in a site they join. Also, they feel motivated to play more whenever they get such bonuses. It’s undeniable that they affect how the players behave.

Casino sites in Poland are still coming up with other better free bonuses that make their new users enjoy playing their favourite games. Also, such bonuses make their players remain loyal to them.

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