The Coolest Gaming Companies’ Offices You Would Definitely Wish to Work In

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The working environment is a big part of any business. The more inspirational it is the more efficient and dynamic the employees become. We all know that all workers consider the office to be an extension of their home. For this reason, any type of work can be highly optimized if this environment is comfortable and productive. A cool office can literally promote a fresh experience for both producer and consumer. This idea applies to all types of business, including the online gaming industry.

How Is It Like to Work for a Company That Produces iGaming Software?

The advantages of working for a company that supplies online casinos with remarkable games go beyond the creativity that most of them are proud to display. Some of them are always surprising the customer with outstanding ideas, such as the ones found at the cashpot casino. There are various alternatives to choose from, especially when we talk about slots, roulette, table games, and so on. The list below will display the coolest offices of gaming companies out there. There is no doubt that you would love to work on one of them so keep reading for more information.

5 – Rank Group

The gambling company headquartered in the United Kingdom is recognised worldwide for its incredible software. Established in 1995, Rank Group is undoubtedly one of the largest iGambling operators of all time, working with a large variety of bingo and casino alternatives. The UK based company has been around for quite a while, acquiring a large number of fans throughout the planet. Their main office is located in England, is considered an outstanding place to work by the entire staff. The creativity-friendly environment is composed of the work of people who understand the importance of the office and that is what makes it so comfortable and dynamic.

4 – Amaya

The Canadian company was founded in 2001 and only recently changed its official name to The Stars Group Inc. Considered one of the biggest poker companies of all time, Amaya aims at growing bigger every day, conquering the hearts of gambling lovers from both the old and the new world. Their main office, located in Canada, values creativity and comfort above all things, providing an outstanding environment that anyone would love to work in. The poker specialized company transferred their main office to a larger location in Quebec, now their employees can work in a space that is 50% more extensive than the previous one. They believe a bigger environment will fit their wide expansion in business.

3 – Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming defines themselves as a superior provider in the world of gambling technologies for mobile and online platforms. There are now one of the most respected suppliers in the industry, standing out from a large number of competitors. It was only in 2013 that the company received their very first license but the real impact of Yggdrasil as a brand only started in 2015. Today, the company owns a large number of offices located in several countries, such as Malta, Gibraltar, and Poland. The staff is proud to say they work for Yggdrasil as the comfort and happiness of their employees is one of the things the company values the most.

2 – Novomatic

Novomatic was first launched as a gambling company in 1980 and it has been very popular among gambling enthusiasts since then. Novomatic is a huge company, with offices located in over 43 different nations. However, the main office is headquartered in Austria, counting on an impressive amount of workers who are happy to say they work for Novomatic. Even though there are lots of other companies that offer similar products, Novomatic stands out for their creativity, which is something that definitely can be noticed in their work environment.

1 – Microgaming

There is absolutely no need to say that Microgaming is a leader in the industry of software for online and mobile casinos. Established in 1994, the company is based in the Isle of Man and have conquered the love of countless online casino players throughout the world. Microgaming is on the list of the 10 Coolest Offices of 2017 in the UK and there is a reason for that. Regardless of growing fast in the universe of iGambling, Microgaming values its workers like nobody else does. There are multiple opportunities to play incredible games at the Microgaming office.

In addition to that, the staff can spend time on an innovative space with regular fitness classes and a treatment room that counts on a modern in-house gym. Furthermore, the landscape view is unbelievable, which certainly contributes to higher levels of productivity. Microgaming believes that happiness increases the competence of their employees, and for this reason, they work hard to promote a great working environment for everyone.  

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