The CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager

casinocoin bankroll manager

As technology progresses, so do the industries which are dependant on it. Online gambling is dependent on technology for various reasons such as security, user experience, safe and quick transactions and player verification. One technological advance which has emerged in recent years which hopes to improve these areas is blockchain technology with the use of cryptocurrencies for crypto betting.

Despite blockchain technology being around for many years, it is still considered to be in its infancy. This is mainly due to the lack of regulations by governing bodies. However, this hasn’t stopped companies developing products around blockchain technology to solve real-world problems to be ready for when regulations are put in place.

CasinoCoin is a digital currency which is specifically aimed at the online gaming industry. It provides solutions and benefits in various ways but in this article, we’ll be taking a look at one of the main features of CasinoCoin – The Bankroll Manager (BRM).

The video below will explain how Casino Coin works.

Below are some benefits and features of the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager.

1. KYC Checks

All online betting sites are required to perform KYC (Know Your Customer) checks to verify players identities. Huge resources are required by betting companies to perform these checks and for players, it means that they regularly have to upload verification documents such as driving licences and recent utility bills which can put players off creating new accounts.

With the CasinoCoin BRM, players are only required to verify their identity once. This is performed by an external company and then accepted by every online casino or betting site which is associated with CasinoCoin. The player can then wager at any of these betting sites without the need to verify their identity again.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies which are associated with anonymous betting, CasinoCoin works with operators and regulators to bring transparency to the industry.

2. Responsible Gaming Limits

All reputable betting sites allow customers to set limits on how much they can gamble. However, with so many betting sites out there, a £100 limit at 20+ betting sites means a player can essentially gambling £2,000. With the CasinoCoin BRM, players can set a limit on how much they can deposit across ALL betting sites linked to CasinoCoin.

3. Fast Deposits, Withdrawals & Transfers

Unfortunately, we’re still in a time where many withdrawals from online betting sites take days to reach your bank account. This isn’t ideal if you wish to move your funds around between accounts. CasinoCoin allows you to withdraw your funds from a betting site partnered with CasinoCoin almost instantly. This means that if you wish, you can withdraw from ‘Betting Site A’ and deposit those funds into ‘Betting Site B’ within under a minute.

Can you use CasinoCoin now?

CasinoCoin, like many other cryptocurrencies, is still in the early stages of where they want to be. However, the team have made huge progress over the past 12 months and have already signed deals with online casinos to use CasinoCoin. Should progress continue this way, we could see players using CasinoCoin at numerous betting sites in the near future.

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