The Best Way to Make Money from Matched Betting

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You have probably heard about matched betting and how people are able to make money from it. After reading more about matched betting and how it works, you may be put off by how complicated it seems and feel like giving up. If you have felt this way, you are not alone. Matched betting is a learning curve for most people who try it, even for experienced bettors.

In this article, we’ll show you the best and easiest way to make money from matched betting.

Open a new bank account

Tracking your betting is crucial if you want to make money from matched betting. By having a separate bank account for your matched betting activity, you can track all of your betting profits by viewing the income and outgoings of that account. When you’re starting out, you may just have one or two transactions a day going through your account but as you become more experienced with matched betting you’ll most likely be participating in several bookmaker offers a day and will have multiple transactions going in and out of your bank account. It can be very difficult to track these bets if you use your day-to-day bank account where you may have your everyday spending, bills and wages going in and out. Using a different bank account is usually recommended by top betting platforms, including Royal Panda, 888 Sport, and W88.

matched betting bank account

Create a separate email address

Creating a new email address for your matched betting activities is just as important as opening a new bank account. It keeps everything organised. By receiving all matched betting emails in one place, you know to act whenever a new email arrives. We recommend using a separate email address to receive important emails such as promotional offers, price boosts and account information.

This one may sound simple, but bookmakers usually send their free bets offers to your email. You certainly don’t miss out on an offer simply because it is lost in your personal inbox.

Play like a real punter

Betting is about making as much money as possible both for us and the bookmakers. Bookmakers have the right to restrict accounts and may do so if you are winning more money than most and taking advantage of too many promotional offers. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with bookmakers and matched bettors and is known in the industry as being ‘gubbed’.

Having your bookmaker account restricted is never good news. Especially if it is with a bookmaker which regularly offers free bets and profitable promotions. However, if you play like a real punter, you have a much better chance of not having your account restricted. To seem like a regular punter to the bookmaker it is recommended that you place ‘mug bets’. This term refers to bets most people would make. If you bet on sports, mug bets usually involve betting on big clubs such as Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, City, United, and Liverpool or betting on the big leagues such as the Premier League or La Liga. We recommend placing mug bets on a regular basis to seem like a normal punter.

Play Regularly

Matched betting is just any other business. NetBet, SunBets, M88 and all bookmakers are ran as businesses. The more you bet, the more money they can make from you. Therefore, the bookmakers will be more favourable to you if you place more bets. You may receive more free bet offers and will have a better chance of not having your account restricted. Just remember to make your bets appear normal or you may find your account gets restricted.

Back and Lay

When you place mug bets you are not taking part in any promotions. Therefore, to ensure you don’t lose money, laying your mug bets is crucial. By doing so, you are taking no value away from the bookmaker and you have eliminated your risk of losing your bets. The bookmaker is, therefore, more likely to offer you more free bets to encourage you to keep betting.

Avoid Arbs

This term refers to player’s attempt to generate an instant profit by placing lay bets which have lower odds than the back bet. Arb bets are tempting as you can make an instant profit from simply placing the back and lay bet. However, we don’t recommend this technique if you want to profit in the long term. Bookmakers don’t like customers taking advantage of their high odds too often and if you place too many arbs with a bookmaker, it’s likely your account will be flagged and you may have your account restricted.

Don’t forget the free bets

Free bets are a great way to earn some extra profit. When you first start matched betting, you’ll be able to take advantage of a number of high-value free bets which you can turn into real cash but there are still plenty of free bet offers about on a regular basis for customers who have existing accounts with bookmakers.

Check your emails on a regular basis for free bet offers. Free bets usually have an expiry date so it’s important to check how long you have to use them before they expire. Some free bet offers may not be emailed to you and so visiting the promotions pages of the bookmaker websites on a daily basis is recommended. Matched betting services do all of this work for you to save you a lot of time.


Matched betting is a good way to make money online in your spare time. It does require some learning but there are a lot of helpful guides and tutorials which are aimed at beginners and help you understand the process. MatchedBets, for example, helps new and experienced matched bettors by listing all of the profitable bookmaker, casino and bingo offers and provides free training and tools for all members to get started.

Matched betting can be very enjoyable once you get to grips with it. There are daily offers to complete which can generate a good amount of profit over time and you’ll find the community of matched bettors very helpful in assisting others with completing offers and with any questions they may have.

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