The best test match betting odds on the internet

test match

Sometimes betting on the football doesn’t wet your whistle as it should do. Betting on the same teams, with the same outcomes, for a nice profit is all well and good, but what if you could be making more from other sports?

How about a bet on cricket? Nothing can really compare to a summer’s day at Lords Cricket Ground, watching England breeze past the tourists. Well, sometimes.

I’d like to let you in on a little secret about cricket, by sharing with you the places to find the best test match betting odds on the internet.

To avoid getting swamped by betting on cricket with various different options, the most simplistic choice is to bet on winning. Yes, test matches can end in draws, but picking a winner is your best odds of winning at test matches.

Another choice and quite a popular one at that as well, is the in-play betting. Quite a few betting outlets can give good odds on individual batsmen’s scores, whereby you bet whether a player will go higher or lower than what the bookies predict.

The best test match betting odds require a fair bit of research into a number of factors. Of course form is a massive part in this, bearing in mind some teams on paper may look good to beat another, if that team are going through a rough set of results against a plucky underdog, be wary of putting all your eggs into one basket.

With this, comes particular and rather important points of note on the day of the game. This comes from both the weather and the coin toss. Some teams perform better batting first, others bowling. Some love a dry surface, others a slightly damp and softer wicket.

Keep your eye on the forecast for the coming days too. It isn’t wise to bet on a team winning if heavy rain is forecast from day three to five. They may seem like the best test match betting odds on the internet, but could be drawing you into anything but a profit.

With this in mind, the best tip to give is in relation to in-play betting. Because there are so many variations of the best test match betting odds during a game, try to capitalise on this more than a simple win-draw-lose scenario.

Keep track of games as well. It may seem obvious, but many people bet on sports and do not follow the match. In regards to cricket, don’t bet on an in-play without watching the game. If a team has dropped some early wickets, it would be silly to bet on the fall of the seventh just because the odds are good, as a late batsman may have played himself in at a comfortable rate.

As far as the bookies go, Paddy Power have a nice selection of the best test match betting odds on the internet, as do Sky Bet. Do use Oddschecker or an equivalent to try to find more of the best test match betting odds, but if you keep in mind this advice, you can turn cricket into a nice earner. Howzat for profit?



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