The 2019 Kentucky Derby Betting Game

The 2019 Kentucky Derby Betting Game

The latest renewal of the Kentucky Derby race and betting will return on May 4, 2019. This year will mark the 145th edition of the most loved horse racing show which will take place at the dirt track of Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. It is expected that the “Run For The Roses” as the race is affectionately known will be attended by more than 150,000 horse racing fans. Each winner of the Kentucky Derby is draped with garlands of roses hence the reason for the Derby being dubbed the “The Run For The Roses”.

Last year’s Kentucky Derby crown was won by Justify who was also the recent title holder of the U.S Triple Crown. This year, the very best horse’s will attempt to follow Justify’s road to Triple Crown glory by getting the Kentucky Derby crown first. For those who do not know, it is the first leg of the Triple Crown Series which is followed by Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

Therefore many sports bettors are now ready to place their bets as we are only a few days away from the most anticipated and popular horse race in America. While you are still finalizing your list of bets, let’s get to know more how the 2019 Kentucky Derby betting looks and see if you are fully ready to experience the most thrilling horse racing this year.

Kentucky Derby Tradition

As mentioned, the Kentucky Derby is the most popular and most loved horse race in the calendar and has a special place in the hearts of the American racing public. Every year as the newest edition is celebrated, a lot of horse racing fans look forward to the race and take part in the various types of betting plays. As always, the Kentucky Derby betting game like other horse racing events provides a wide variety of betting options allowing bettors to take part in what they hope is profitable betting and gambling.

It is always held on the first Saturday of May in the dirt track of Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. If you look into the bigger picture, the Kentucky Derby isn’t only about horse racing, but it’s also the whole range of activities that you can take part in during the event. You’ll see a lot of fancy hats being worn by famous entities gracing the Kentucky red carpet. Also many will sip the Mint Julep which is the official alcoholic drink of Kentucky Derby and something well worth a try.

Lastly, the main reason why a  lot of sports fans would like to witness the “Fastest Two Minutes In Sports” is the betting game. Many bettors are willing to bet on kentucky derby because it is the race that begins the race to the Triple Crown. Betting on the Kentucky Derby can bring great rewards for those lucky enough to select and bet on the race winner.  

Betting The First Jewel of the Triple Crown

As stated, the Kentucky Derby is the first jewel of the Triple Crown Series. Three weeks after this event, the middle jewel takes place which is the Preakness Stakes and the series is concluded by the final jewel which is the Belmont Stakes. Throughout the history of the Triple Crown, there are only 13 horses who have managed to win all 3 races.

Before taking part in any wagering or betting it is important to familiarise yourself with the rules and understand each horse’s form and likely chance of winning. As well as betting on the Kentucky Derby, bettors can also place wagers on the winner of the Triple Crown.

How To Bet For The  2019 Kentucky Derby

There are many ways to place your bets in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. The first option is to get your tickets at the teller in Churchill Downs. Make sure that you have finalized your bets before you get your betting tickets because of the long queue you might experience on a racing day.

Another way of placing your bet is by looking for a trusted sportsbook online and legal gambling sites. You only need to sign up and makes sure you review the terms and conditions of their deposit and withdrawal process before you place your wager. In this way, you can ensure that you are paid real time which will be directly following the race provided of course that you wagered on the Kentucky Derby winner.

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