Sun Bets Announce Greyhound Sponsorship For East Anglian Derby

Sun Bets Announce Greyhound Sponsorship For East Anglian Derby

When looking at bookmakers, our first thought is to see all of the promotions that they list. There are plenty of offers listed on the Sun Bets website at the moment, and we can use the matched betting calculator to ensure we make a profit.

However, listing offers is not the only way they can get noticed in an extremely competitive environment. As well as offering excellent promotions, the bookmaker have also been making huge strides in the sponsorship game. Sun Bets have announced that they will be sponsoring the 71st East Anglian Derby, which will take place at Yarmouth Stadium in Norfolk this September. The race is one of the biggest Greyhound races in the calendar, and the bookie will be happy to have secured a deal.

The race will now be referred to as ‘The Sun Bets East Anglian Derby’ and they are sure to have a lot of eyes on their brand name, as the race will be broadcast live on Sky Sports channels. This will be their first time sponsoring a greyhound race, and as part of the deal Sun Bets will put £15,000 towards the race’s prize pool.

Sun Bets is a joint venture by News UK and Tabcorp, and the fact that they are moving into new realms of sponsorship suggests a change in strategy, after they released some disappointing financial news earlier this year.

Tabcorp’s UK Executive Director, Bernadette McLoughlin had this to say on the deal:

“Sun Bets is pleased to sponsor the 2017 East Anglian Derby at Yarmouth. Greyhound racing is an important betting product in our portfolio and we look forward to working with and promoting this year’s competition.”

In its 71st year, the race organisers will hope that this new sponsorship deal will be beneficial for everyone. The competition has been running since 1946, and trainer Charlie Lister has famously had 11 winners here.

It is likely that Sun Bets will list a special promotion on their site to celebrate their sponsorship. If they do, here at we will be sure to write up a specific offer guide showing you exactly how to make a profit.



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