Bookmaker Offers vs Online Casino Offers when matched betting

Bookmaker Offers vs Online Casino Offers when matched betting

Matched betting is mainly focussed around sports offers from bookmakers with plenty of them being available on a daily basis across a wide range of sports such as football and horse racing. However, as many of us progress in our matched betting journey, we begin to discover casino offers and the potential they hold in creating an additional revenue stream. Casino offers have the potential to return steady and sometimes huge profits but only when played correctly.

So, which is better? Should you focus more on sports offers or casino offers?

Sports Offers

Sports offers from bookmakers can return a good profit on a daily basis. They’re generally how people get into matched betting and what matched betting sites such as focus on the most. Many online bookmakers offer new customers free bets to use on sports when they register at their site and place their first bet. It is from these free bets that we are able to lock in a profit from using matched betting. Matched betting with sports offers is logical as we often know how much profit we will make before we even place our bets making them a safe choice for generating a profit.

sports offers

Online Casino Offers

Casino offers work in a slightly different way to sports offers as it’s not possible to accurately predict how much profit we will make from them every time. There are hundreds of online casinos which offer free spins and bonuses to players but the uncertainty of the returns is enough to put a lot of people off. However, there can be a lot of value in them and those who choose to explore this avenue are often rewarded with large gains.

There are generally two types of casino offers, low-risk and high-risk. Low-risk offers require little to no deposit in order to receive a bonus or free spins and high-risk offers require a bigger deposit but for a much larger bonus. For example, online casino offers new customers a 100% bonus on their first deposit up to a maximum of $250 which means that the player must deposit $250 in order to receive the full bonus amount. However, despite having to risk up to $250 of your own money to claim this bonus, it provides excellent value.

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There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not a casino bonus has value or not. Factors such as wagering requirements, game restrictions or stake limits can all affect the estimated value (EV) and the probability of making a profit. This is why it is essential that you read the terms of every casino offer before you decide whether or not to accept it as you should only participate in offers which have value. This way, you will make a profit in the long-term.


Both sports offers and casino offers can be extremely profitable and provide separate income streams when matched betting. Sports offers are more predictable and are considered more of a safe bet, whereas casino offers have a lot of variation in terms of profit and can seem slightly more confusing to the average matched bettor but have the potential to return huge profits.

Although you won’t make a profit from every casino offer you accept, if it has a positive expected value, you will make a profit in the long term provided you complete enough of them.

Online casino offers should not be dismissed as a source of profit when matched betting and once you understand the logic and math behind how profit can be generated, you’ll begin to realise the potential that they provide.

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