Sports Betting Without Emotions: A Gambling Skill to Earn Big At Races

Sports Betting Without Emotions: A Gambling Skill to Earn Big At Races

Betting in sports is the main reason why fans and bettors alike participate in different sporting events. Aside from witnessing the various teams and entries competing inside the field, it serves as an alternative to earning a considerable amount of money. In some cases, it balloons out our bankroll if we do it correctly. 

While betting is a fulfilling thing to do, the greatest enemy you might face when playing this kind of game is your emotion. Admit it or not, you get excited when you win and opt to wager for more. At the same time, you also tend to get emotional if you consistently lost and get frustrated right away. 

There is nothing wrong if you show your emotions when betting in sports. However, this is the most critical factor you need to avoid. Most professional bettors learned that emotions wouldn’t get you anywhere and might only ruin your betting strategies. The worst case is that if you let your feelings out, you will lose. 

As you go along and bet for some huge sports betting events like the U.S. Triple Crown Series, let us give you some tips on how you can bet and win without considering your emotions. It is something you need to learn, especially if you place a bet on the Kentucky Derby race, which is one of the world’s biggest wagering games you can partake. 

Administering Emotions 

The odds value set by every oddsmaker in a betting game makes us excited to play wagering games right away. As a matter of fact, we keep an eye on those bets with higher value and disregard right away those with lower stakes. It is a common emotion we display whenever we feel that specific entry is highly favored to win the match. 

Administering your emotions in this part means you have to settle down right away. It means that by the time you see each odds set before the game, make sure that you do not get excited right away. Remember that anything can happen when the game starts. Make sure to stick with your betting strategy. 

Think Without Thinking 

It may sound ironic to think without thinking as we need our intelligence to make a betting game work to our side. As the cliche goes, it takes more than 10, 000 to master a skill. In learning a betting skill without considering your emotions can surely give you a hard time making this idea to work ultimately. 

The key to obtaining this kind of skill and not getting overpowered by your emotions is to understand how the sports betting market works. You have to know when and where you can wager. The timing is essential. It doesn’t matter if you bet on smaller amounts, yet you consistently win. It is important that you don’t let your emotions work in betting for high paying betting games, yet you are uncertain of winning. 

The SOSS Factor 

The SOSS is an acronym given by expert bettors to help you get rid of your emotions when wagering. Let’s dissect them one by one. 


Betting comesin two ways. You may either win consistently or maintain a lose streak if it’s not your lucky day. When you feel stressed, and it seems that the odds are not in your favor, you need to stop right away. Try to change your betting strategy and do it at the right timing. If it still doesn’t work, then you need to settle and stop to do it some other time. 


Breathe in and breathe out! If you get too bombarded and confused as to which team or entry you will be, you need to take a breather. Don’t push for wagering even if you are not sure if your entry can win. This will only derail your betting strategy. 

Strengthen Appreciation 

As mentioned, gambling has no winning formula. You can either end up winning or losing. In some cases where you did your best and still lose, you should accept the whole situation and move on right away. Try your luck next time, and make sure you research before you bet. 

Seek Information 

To make sure that you do your betting game better next time, you need to study each entry harder and make sure that you formulate realistic betting strategies. 


Undeniably, it is hard to separate our emotions when betting in sports. We get more excited, especially if the prizes at stake are huge. On the other hand, it is crucial that we need to settle our emotions and stick to the required game plan to bring home the bacon. Thus, inheriting the attitudes listed above when disregarding your feelings during a betting game can surely help you win big

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