Sports betting vs Casinos: Pros and Cons

Sports betting vs Casinos Pros and Cons

Everyone knows gambling is a game of chance. Whether betting on sports or playing slots, experiencing live dealers or playing RNG blackjack games—winning is never a guarantee in gambling.  So, why do sports punters act like theirs is better than slots? Why do some people swear by live poker dealers?

Of course, there are obvious differences between online casino gambling and sports wagering. But is either of them better than the other? We compare pros and cons below.

Online Casinos

  • Few Skills Required

Most online casino games don’t require any skills to play. With slots, it only takes the pressing of a button to spin reels. After a few seconds, the reels stop and you find out whether you won or lost. Card games may look different but they’re also not as demanding when it comes to skills.

The goal of blackjack is to draw cards whose total value is closest to or equal to 21. The cards are drawn at random, meaning it all boils down to luck if you’re to come out of the game with profits. Lotto and scratch card games are also skills-free.

  • Instant Wins

Unlike sports betting, you find out whether you’ve won or lost within a few minutes. And who wouldn’t want that? Imagine betting $1 on a slot machine and find out you just won €17 million? That’s the true story of one of the biggest winners in the history of online casino games.

The only casino games that don’t have instant wins are card games. While each game is different, live dealer poker games can take between 5 and 60 minutes before the ultimate winner picks the grand prize.

Still, this is much quicker than some sports games.  Baseball games, for example, take up to 5 hours to complete. Some sports bets all require players to wager on games spread out throughout the week. This means a player may have to wait a few days before learning if they won.

  • Lots of Bonuses and Free Spins

Sure, it’s not impossible to get free bets on bookmaker sites. But compared to online casinos, bonuses are less frequent in betting sites. On the flipside, bonuses and free spins are rolled out weekly on the best casino sites.

Join a good site on and your first deposit will be matched 100%. Some sites triple or even quadruple your deposit amount. That way, you can wager a lot longer without having to rely on your bankroll.

There are rules surrounding bonuses though. In fact, not everyone is quick to accept offers from casino sites. High wagering requirements, caps on winnings and other rules mean that every bonus should be accepted after a thorough understanding of its terms.

Sports Betting Benefits

  • There is a Science behind it

Sports punters don’t pick random games and bet on them. It’s a process that starts with learning about the sport involved, its rules and policies. They then analyze past data about the teams, current information and several other factors.

Depending on a game’s competitiveness, sports punters can take between a few minutes or hours analyzing the same game. By the time they place the bet, they’re usually confident of beating the bookmakers.

Punters who’ve crafted the science behind sports betting have histories of winning consistently. Australian businessman Zeljko Ranogajec, for example, is so dedicated and successful at horse racing betting that he’s employed 300 people to help him win.

  • The Potential to win is High

Every day on popular bookmaker sites, 1000+ markets are supported for wagering. Each bet has varying odds, some better than others. As most sports fans admit, there is always a game you can correctly predict each day.

Regardless of the sport or league, there are games where one opponent is significantly better than the other. In football, for example, top tier teams like Barcelona and Man City meeting lower level teams always result with a win for the favorites.

The only problem with such games is that they come with low-value odds. Barcelona against SD Huesca could have odds 1.04 for the giant club. But that means risking €100 on bet only promises €4 back. Seasoned punters choose bets with high-value odds and great chances of happening.

  • Potentially Limitless Number of Games

One of the things that make sports gambling fun is that each game is different from the other. With so many tournaments to fight for and teams levels of competitiveness ever-changing—sports betting lacks the fatigue that comes with playing slots for so long.

Again, the huge amounts of games to wager means the potential to win a lot of money betting on sports is huge. You could spend all-day analyzing and betting on games. If you’re good at it, you could become a full-time sports bettor and make a killing out of it.

Online Casinos Cons

  • Luck is highly important

Because most online games use random number generator machines to pick wins, it’s difficult to increase your odds of winning. In most cases, whether you win or lose comes down to whether you’re were lucky or not. You could spend hundreds of dollars wagering. But if you’re not lucky at any point, your bets will lead up to losses.

  • Lots of Unfair Games

Depending on your choice of online casinos, the games you find could be fair or rigged. If the games are programmed to favor the house more than they should, you’ll always win. There are great casinos though, and these are the platforms most players join.

Sports Betting Cons

  • Demands intensive Dedication

With sports betting, be prepared to learn everything about games. Even if you choose to only bet on one sport, your dedication is needed. Each bet asks for your attention, to analyze available data keenly and evaluate odds before placing bets.

  • Lots of Inconsistent Wins

Even if it’s a science, few people can boast of winning every sports bet they place. They’re times when you’ll lose on games you thought you’d win. And if you take more risks to improve your potential earnings, keep in mind the higher the risks of losing everything.

In Summary

There are obvious similarities between sports wagering and gambling on online casinos. There are also some major differences, most of which can be divisive among players. Sports punters love their industry because there are skills that can help a bettor win more. Online casino gamblers love that they can win quickly and without the need for skills.

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