Sports Betting Versus Slots Machine: Chances of Winning Real Money

Sports Betting Versus Slots Machine

This argument is ancient as arguing itself – if you’ve got a bit of money to spare, should you take it to Vegas or put into sports betting? And before we go any further we should stress the point that gambling, or betting, is cool and fun only is you putting at risk money you can afford to lose. Not the one to be preaching here, but that is the most important rule of betting and gambling, same it is with investing – if a loss would crush you, don’t do it. Just don’t.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s break this down.

Setting the Game Rules

Why are we talking slots, and not poker or blackjack, the more popular games in an online casino? Because we want to strip the act of gambling from any form of skill, knowledge, experience etc. We want to take the extreme form of gambling – pure chance. And slot machines give us just that, a completely random game with zero control of the outcome. For all intent and purposes, the player of slot can be a monkey, or a robot; it wouldn’t affect the outcome in any way. Lady luck is in the driver’s seat.

Sports betting, will refer to it as “knowledge-based betting”. And in most cases, it’s true. People that bet on sport – football, horse racing, ping pong (hey, peeps would bet on anything that moves) – do it with prior knowledge of the teams, the horses, the boxers. Meaning, they decide on the bet based on the idea that they know who will win. And why.

Logic Says Put Your Money Where Your Knowledge Is

Can’t argue the above sentence – that’s a logical conclusion to draw. If you follow boxing, and you know the history of the boxers, you can speculate on what will happen when two specific ones meet. If one performed extremely well in the last six months and is in top shape while the other one has lost four straight fights in the same period, you are basing your bet on knowledge. Even knowledge that is clean from interpretation.

On the other hand, when you approach a slot machine in a Vegas casino and insert a chip you gamble based on nothing. No knowledge, no statistics, no opinion or even gut feeling. The only speculation you are allowed to make is that after you pull the handle, the reels will spin and then stop.

Is that true though? Are slots really based on pure chance? Let’s think about this way: If you’re looking for game reviews, you can check online slots reviews by SlotSpinners. Now, if a certain product has reviews that compare between two variations of it, it means there is a difference between the things that are being reviewed, and difference indicates a degree of control, right? Wrong.

After reviewing a few slot review sites it is safe to report that there is no indication that there is a method, or strategy to playing slots. We are back in square one – chance vs. knowledge.

Online Slots Free You From the Burden of Knowledge

So, why there aren’t loads of millionaires in football stadiums and in race tracks?  Knowledge is pretty easy to get a hold of these days thanks to the smooth flow of information, still, so few people are managing to turn this knowledge into cash.

On the other hand, you pretty frequently see in the paper people holding huge cardboard checks they got from winning the lottery. And you hear all the time about peeps that hit a slot jackpot.

Let’s face it, when it comes to winning money, knowledge is a disadvantage. Gambling (or betting) works best when left to chance. You think you know what’s the outcome would be but you don’t. Nobody does. So many unpredicted variables can affect the outcome.

And you should know that online slot sites are pretty generous these days. They give players a lot of perks to get them on board. For example, sites that offer offers “no deposit slots”, which is code for playing slots for free without even putting in your credit card info. And slot sites are regulated, which ensures transparency. You can know in advance exactly what is the Return To Player ratio of every slot game, what is the hit rate and when and why you’ll get extra bonus. So all of sudden, chance-based gambling seems no so bad compare with knowledge-based betting.

One more question before we go: would you rather play slots or poker? In which you think your chances of winning real money are better?  You against a slot machine, or you against a group of people you know nothing about? Give it some thought…



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