Sports betting – is it better on a computer or on mobile

Sports betting - is it better on a computer or on mobile

Online sports betting is getting more and more popular around the blog. IT is definitely a great era for a lot of sports and gambling. Two decades ago nobody could imagine the possibility of betting online. The idea of opening a laptop and betting online was unthinkable. Today, we are able to bet online not only through the computer but we have a choice between computer and mobile. Now, when almost everyone has a computer and mobile this question gets more common. Which one is better for sports betting, placing your bets online with your laptop or using a mobile device?  

From mobile friendly to mobile first

Some time ago, it was an awful experience to browse any website on mobile, the waiting time and endless scrolling to find and read the needed content was truly irritating. Thanks to the fact that you can access anything with mobile anytime you desire the traffic on websites via mobile soon become the real thing and the companies understood that having a mobile-friendly website was a must. The betting companies were no exception, today betting companies and online casinos such as Isntacasino (you can read the whole review of Isntacasino on are putting much effort to have a website that offers the same comfort on the mobile screen as it does on a laptop. The number of people who prefers using mobile for betting or gambling is increasing and the future of sports betting is on mobile.

Betting on sports or playing is something you want to be executed in no time. Therefore companies had to switch from mobile-friendly to mobile first. According to Forbes mobile first is already turning to the mentality of the internet users and the companies need to ensure that all the demand is met. As official statistics by the Global Online Gambling and Betting Markets suggest gambling and betting on mobile will soon take over and in the previous year the number of people engaged in mobile gaming has grown up to 100 million.

Which one is better for betting – computer or mobile?

Using a computer or mobile for placing your bets or gambling has its advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage of using a PC or laptop is that all of the websites were designed for it, hence it is more comfortable to use the laptop. At the same time, the internet is more secure and fast when using the computer.  Another huge advantage of using a computer is the screen size. With the big screen, you see more, the navigation from one page to another is a lot easier and you can keep an eye on several things at the same time. Last but not least, most of the people spend at least half of their day on the computer, typing, scrolling, searching and navigating on sportsbook is simple and more comfortable.

Using a mobile is good in its own ways. First and foremost, you have your smartphone everywhere you go. You cannot take your laptop in a gym, when you take your dog outside for a walk or when you go to the sport. You have your smartphone with you every time and can bet anytime you want from anywhere. However, using public wifi to bet with your phone is not recommended as it is not secure enough. While screen size is an advantage when using a computer, the small screen can be an advantage for mobiles as well, as it gives more privacy. Last but not least, as mentioned almost every company is taking care to deliver a good user experience on mobile as it is on a computer and in many cases you cannot even see the difference.

The future of betting is mobile devices

You might find using a computer more convenient and comfortable, but like it or not the future of the betting and gambling is mobile devices. However, while you enjoy sports betting at your laptop, companies are coming up with better and better betting and gambling apps that you would not like to miss.

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