Sports Betting Guide – Helpful Tips and Advice

sports betting guide

Why most people love betting on sports? It’s not only simple and fun, but it’s also a good opportunity for sports fans to make money on the side. Even better, betting on sports boost fan engagement on a particular sport, as people are more likely to wager on the games they love. However, betting and winning isn’t as simple as most bookies want you to believe. In fact, over 60% of online punters today lose their money.

This article will help you become a competent and responsible sports bettor while improving your chances of winning.

Helpful Sports Betting Tips & Advice

Set Achievable Objectives

Though most people lose more times than they win, you can still be successful when betting on sports. Anyone with the basic knowledge of how sports betting works can make accurate predictions, but only a small percentage of punters remain profitable in the long-run. 

Most people make a mistake of thinking that their sports knowledge can help them beat the bookies, but it takes more than that to succeed. Having unrealistic expectations about betting will also lead to more disappointments and frustrations.  It’s not wrong to think about getting rich with betting, but it’s important to be realistic.

Understand the Basics

While sports betting is as simple as signing up in an online bookie like Betway and selecting the outcome you want to wager on, it doesn’t mean you should start immediately. You can also download the Betway mobile sports betting app for more convenience, but it’s important you learn the basics before placing your first wager.

As a beginner, you’ll need to understand the market breakdown and learn why you should wager on any markets available. However, punters who are already familiar with the markets available can skip this tip.

Find Value

As a smart punter, it’s essential not only to wager when you believe there’s value in your selection but also learn how to identify it. However, finding value doesn’t mean you’ll win your wager. That’s why you need to be smart when choosing the selections to bet on after identifying value.

At first, identifying the value can be a bit tricky to beginners, but you’ll have an easier time once you’ve gained experience. To identify value in a certain selection, you need to consider the possibility of that event happening and compare it to the given odds across several bookies. If you think the bookies have underestimated a team or a specific outcome, then there’s a positive value.

Use the Available Statistics

Sports betting is all about having the right information, analyzing it and making an informed decision. That includes pre-match analysis, which requires you to consider a team’s current form, fitness & suspensions, defensive & attacking stats and incentive to win. You’ll also need to dig deeper and learn more about a team or its players, as the statistics don’t always tell the whole story.

Be Selective

These days, there are hundreds of games and outcomes you can wager on, starting from rugby and soccer to virtual sports. However, that doesn’t mean trying your hand at every sport available in your bookie. As such, it’s important to be selective when betting and avoid placing too many wagers as it can damage your bankroll and staking plan.

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