Sports Betting Becomes Legal in Illinois and Michigan

Sports Betting Becomes Legal in Illinois and Michigan

Sports betting is a market that is growing rapidly in America, with more states legalizing it and allowing residents to enjoy the fun and excitement of sports betting. You can find the best betting sites on, as well as all the bonuses and sports that you can bet on.

Illinois are one of the states that you can now legally bet on sports in. After months and months of preparation, it has finally happened. This is great news for America as it encourages more states to do the same. It is said that the first bet was placed on the White Sox to win the American League pennant. The odds were 16/1 and he placed $100 on it. Rivers casino is the first one in the state to allow sports betting to take place.

In December 2019, Michigan also passed legislation for legalizing sports betting in the state. On 11th March 2020, retail sports betting went live. It is said that they expect online and mobile wagering to come at a later date along with iGaming. This is great news for the state as a whole as it is creating more jobs for people, which is the aspect that MGM Grand Detroit are trying to go with.

With Illinois sports betting being legalized on 9th march 2020 and Michigan betting being legalized on March 11, 2020 it now means that there is a total of 16 states where sports betting is legal, as well as these 2 states, we also have: Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Oregon, Indianna, New Hampshire. 

There are a few states that are currently in process of allowing sports betting to be legal in the state and we expect these to join the other 16 states in the near future, these states include: Montana, Washington DC, Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado. Then we have a huge list of states that are heading towards legalization and want to be able to allow residents to gamble on sports online in their state. There are in fact only a few states that are not interested in the idea as of yet. Idaho and Wisconin are 2 states that seem to not have looked into it as they haven’t shown any interest in wanting to consider it. Then we have Utah who are unlikely to legalize it due to the anti-gambling stance that is written into the state’s constitution.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has had a negative impact on sports betting, not just in USA but globally. The outbreak has caused for major sports events to be cancelled and therefore you cannot bet on these events. It could see major tournaments being postponed as a whole until the new season. It is not just betting in the US that is cancelled, punters like to bet on competitions in other countries and that will be affected. 

There is no time period on when betting will be back in action. Events have only been postponed for a few weeks, however that could be extended, to the point where some events are ended until near the end of the year. Large gatherings are areas in which the virus can spread and for that reason, big events are to be cancelled. There is an alternative which would be to play behind closed doors, but that can ruin some events where fans play a key part in the sports.

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