Sports Betting and Casino for Arab Players – 2018 Guide

If you want to bet on sports and casino games, then we have the guide for you. This guide will take you through the basics of betting all the way to the more intense aspects that you might want to try out. Without any further delay, let’s kick off our guide.


As a beginner casino or sports bettor, the best thing you can do is research. This will allow you to make good decisions about where you play and the bets that you place too. Spending your time researching might not feel like something you want to do, as you just want to play, but this will help you to make the most of your money.

If you want to play on both sports betting and casino games, then make sure you pick a site that has both. Not only should they have a casino and sportsbook section, these should both give you plenty of options. Good odds and a great selection of games will make you want to play there long term.

You should also do a bit of work and research on the brand itself. Figure out if their games are safe, licenced and fair. Look into their reputation too, as you don’t want to be stuck with a site that has a poor one. Bookmark to check out reviews of various sites at a glance.

As a beginner, it’s all about laying the ground for a successful experience later down the line. This means picking the right sites and games for you.

Intermediate Bettors

Now that you’ve become accustomed to the process of betting, it’s time to kick things up a notch. This is when you can start to think about strategy and improving your win rate more often. This is where you can build on your experience to make your betting experience even better.

This is where you’ll probably be starting to look more into the promotions that you use. As a beginner, you will have been drawn in by the numbers, but now you’re looking more in depth at the actual promotion. The fine print makes a lot of difference, so you want to start to learn more about wagering requirements and the terms.

As you make your way through your time on a site, you will also start to claim more regular offers, like becoming a VIP. As you progress with these, you’ll get more free bets and loyalty perks. If you’re not getting these from a site, then you might want to think about switching to a new site instead.

While you might have initially stuck with games of chance, this is your chance to work out more strategy. Games like روليت and لعبة ورق will help you to go head to head to win your jackpot. This is more of an intermediate strategy, as beginners may be overwhelmed by this initially.

You may want to look at strategy guides to improve your gameplay style too. These will help especially in games of skill, as you can build your gameplay on the experience of others. Many of these games have a mathematical probability involved, which means you can exploit this if you know how.

Experienced Players

Now that you’ve spent much more time betting, you have a handle on the games and what to expect. This means that you’re well placed to really amp up your gameplay. For sports bettors, this may mean that you look into arbitrage betting to spend your time online. This is a time-intensive form of betting but it can bring massive rewards when executed well.

It’s a good idea to manage your bankroll at this time, which can be tricky. As you move to more intense forms of betting, you want to ensure that you don’t overspend. This is a good way to practice responsible gambling and keep the gambling fun in the long term.

You may be splitting your bets across many sites too, as you get more value from certain sites. Some sites might have better odds than others, which makes it worth your while to compare them. Apps can be helpful for you to switch between these sites easily and quickly. Just make sure you’re keeping your eye on how much you’re spending overall, rather than just on one site.

If you’re spending a lot, then make sure you’re getting the high roller treatment from the site. If they aren’t rewarding you for your time there, then you might want to go to a site that will reward you.

Casino and sports betting can be entertaining ways to spend your time and to potentially win some cash too. If you want to play, then follow our tips to be a success.

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