Social Tournaments: Where to Play the Best Free Slot Machines

Social Tournaments: Where to Play the Best Free Slot Machines

If slot machines are your favourite games, there is a chance you have participated in free slot tournaments. They’re usually held in video slot machines, while classic games are rarely included in tournaments. Not too many gaming sites offer free slot machine tournaments. So, where can you find the best free slot tournaments that offer top games and real money prizes?

Free slot tournaments with real cash prizes

You can find the best free slot tournaments on the Pragmatic Play gaming platform  This site is a social gaming platform where eligible players can sign up for free and, without depositing any money, can win real cash prizes playing video slot machines from Pragmatic Play. 

The site has a prize pool of more than £40,000 that players can share each month. This project is mainly dedicated to players who want to play online video slot machines and compete against other players in a safe and fair environment.

 All of the social tournaments available at involve a leader board that assigns real cash rewards. To increase your chances of winning free money, all you have to do is play as many slot tournaments as possible. 

Who can join a Social Tournament?

Any player who is 18 years and above can join a video slots tournament, with restrictions based on some locations.  All you have to do to receive real money prizes is to sign up and connect a valid e-Wallet via Neteller, Skrill or a bank account.

Can you have multiple accounts on the same IP address? doesn’t allow the use of multiple accounts since the platform is always committed to providing a fair gaming environment. Sometimes, multiple household members would want to compete in social tournaments at the site using one IP address. To prevent the system from flagging the accounts as duplicates, it is advisable to contact the support team.

Can a tournament get cancelled?

The platform is working hard to ensure everything is in excellent shape. This means it is uncommon for a tournament to be cancelled. And if it does happen, players will be notified by email and be provided with an explanation regarding the decision. Another tournament will be set up to replace the cancelled one.

Which documents are required to verify an account?

To verify and validate an account for a payout, you need the following:

  • Copy of your passport, driver’s license, or ID to ensure you’re an eligible player. 
  • Proof of address, which can be a recent bill. The documents must be issued within the last three months. 
  • Screenshot of your Neteller/Skrill eWallet to ensure the real money prize is being directed to the right destination. And if it is a bank wire, make sure that your account number and full name are visible. 

How does the site ensure there is fairness?

The main priority of top social tournament platforms is keeping the gaming environment fair, safe and free of cheaters. To achieve this, uses multiple anti-cheat systems that validate the leader board. You have nothing to worry about.

How long does it take to receive the prize?

In most cases, it takes up to two weeks from the moment your spot on the leaderboard and account are verified and validated to receive your prize. Also note that the platform processes payments weekly, on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

In terms of dispending the real money prizes, strives to be as efficient as possible. If you provided the wrong payout details, you shouldn’t panic, you just need to keep in touch with the support team, and any errors will be corrected.

What are the requirements for a payout?

Before you receive a prize, needs to ensure you have a valid bank or an electronic wallet account in your name. The terms and conditions for joining the tournament still apply when it comes to payouts. 

If you haven’t verified your account, you’ll receive an email with simple instructions on how to proceed. A screenshot of your eWallet or bank account with your full name are the only things that you need to provide.

What prizes can you win?

Real money is the main prize that you can win. However, there are other perks that you can receive, which include:

  • Free coins that you can use to purchase tickets for tournaments, merchandise, loot boxes and other cool stuff.
  • Prize wheels that offer a chance to win free cash prizes and coins.

Final thoughts

Online free slot machines tournaments are easy to take part in. You join and play for free, and although the prizes are not the best, you have an excellent chance of making some real money. Be sure to sign up with top sites like in order to play the best video slots and win decent prizes.

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