Should You Use A VPN When Matched Betting?

Should You Use A VPN When Matched Betting?

A VPN is a ‘Virtual Private Network’ and are mainly used by matched bettors to access websites from parts of the world which are usually restricted.

For example, a UK bookmaker may not allow customers to bet with them when in certain countries and if you try to access one of betting sites in Kenya for example, you will most likely be blocked. However, by using a VPN on the device you’re using to visit the bookmakers’ website, you can essentially trick the website to thinking that you are actually in the UK, allowing you to place bets whilst in restricted countries.

The Benefits Of Using A VPN When Matched Betting

1. You are on holiday and want to access UK bookmakers from within a restricted county as described above.

2. You share accommodation with others who also matched bet and don’t want to be seen using the same IP address with the same bookmakers.

3. You want extra security and privacy when betting online.

4. You are multi-accounting (Gnoming). Many bookmakers and casinos only allow you to claim one offer per IP address. By using a VPN, you can register and bet with a bookie using a different IP.

The Disadvantages Of Using A VPN When Matched Betting

Some bookmakers state that VPNs are not permitted. Therefore, there is a chance you could run into a few issues if you use one.

1. If the bookmaker suspects that you are using a VPN, they may not allow you to register a new account.

2. If you do manage to create an account or have already registered one whilst in the UK but use a VPN to place bets at a later date, it’s possible that the bookmaker may withhold winnings or similar due to you breaching their T&Cs.

Bookmakers may be able to tell that you’re using a VPN if you are using an IP which is shared by many users and known as one associated with a VPN. Also, if you forget to turn on the VPN and try to access your account when in a restricted country and then access using the VPN, this is a clear sign you’re using one as you have essentially travelled from the country you are in to the UK in seconds.

If you do choose to use a VPN, we recommend using a reputable and trusted brand which should not only increase your privacy and security but also make it less likely that the bookmaker will spot that you’re using one.

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